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Allysa's Scribepost for December 14, 2009.

Today in class we had to finish pg.27 in our homework book, and questions on pg. 92. I was picked to do question # 19.


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How I stopped an alien invasion using proportion

It was a cold winter night when I decided to go for a walk with my friends to the skatepark, just when we got to the middle of the field we seen some sort of object in the sky, at first we thought it was a star, or an astoriod. We decided to keep walking and once we got there this object flew down towards us, and one of my friends start running, I stayed to see what was in this huge object, nothing came out of it, but a voice came from it saying, "We need three proportion math questions answered quicky or we have the right to take over your planet, if you get them all right, we will have to go back to our planet." I was looking at this object and thought maybe it was an alien ship, I then ran home to figure out the answers for these questions, while I was at it, I thought maybe I would save the world, and be famous..

1.) q.5 . What is the unit rate in each?
a. 2 pens cost 94 cents
47 cents
b.Four blocks stacked one on top of the other are 24cm high.
6cm per block

2.) q.18 . At an amusment park a new thrill ride was introduced, it costs 7.50 for 3 rides.
a.What is the wild slider's unit rate per ride?
b.At this rate, what would it cost for 18 rides on Wild Slider?

3.) q.26 . Two circles have a ratio of 1 to 2, Use a diagram to help answer the following questions.

a). What is te ratio of their circumferences?
b). What is the ratio of their areas?

Not quiet knowing if I got it right and if it was okay, but they were still at the skatepark, I grabbed my paper i wrote the questions and answers on and quickly ran to the aliens, I showed them what I have done, and They flew away, my friends were happy, we didn't know what would happen next.

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Scribe .

Question 15

square root of

To get all those answers, I simply used my calculator.

Question 16

Square root of:

Again to get those answers, I used my calculator.

Question 23 A helicopter landing pad has a square shape.
The area is 400m squared.
Use Prime factorization to fine the side length of the pad.

=200 x 2
=100 x 2 x 2
=50 x 2 x 2 x 2
=25 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2
=5 x 5 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2
400 = (5x2x2) x (5x2x2)
400 = 20 x 20
400 = 20 squared

Monday, December 14, 2009

April's scribepost for Dec.14'09.

5. A right triangle has side lengths of 40 mm, 75 mm, and 85 mm.
a) Sketch the triangle. Draw a square on each side of the triangle.
b) What are the areas of the three squares?
1600 mm2, 5625 mm2,
7225 mm2
c) Write an addition statement with the areas of the three squares.
1600 + 5625 = 7225

Sorry the size is like that. I tried changing the colour and the size but it got really messed up.

Larrisa's scribepost : Question 13


No, because the pythagorean relationship didnt work .


4800 cm squared + 4800 cm squared = 9800 cm squared.

4800+4800= 9800, that's not the right answer , it equals to 9,600 , that's why the pythagorean didn't work.

sorry if I got the answer wrong, just tell me in the comment box if I made a mistake , dont forget to COMMENT .

Ralph's Scribepost for December 14, 2009

Today I was assigned to do a question from the textbook.

a) Write an addition statement using the
areas of these three squares.

25 + 144 = 169

b) What is the side length of each square?

5 = 1 side of 25

12 = 1 side of 144

13 = 1 side of 169

c) Describe, using words and symbols, the
relationship between the side lengths of
each square.

a* + b* = c*
*= squared

Leg + Leg = Hypotenuse

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Sharmaine's Scibe post for Dec.14, 2009

12. Use the Pythagorean relationship to find
the unknown area of each square.

a.)20cm squared + 32cm squared = 52cm squared

b.)100mm squared + 576mm squared = 676mm squared

c.)25cm squared + 90cm squared = 115cm squared

d.) 12cm squared + 12cm squared = 24cm squared

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Noel's scribepost , Squares

Question 15
square root of:

2. a) When I use a calculator the square root of a natural number that is a perfect square, I get a perfect number as my answer.

b) When I use a calculator to get the square root of a natural number that is not a perfect square, the answer the calculator gives me has a decimal in it. This is not an exact answer. It is a(n) decimal.

I asked mr harbeck and he said that its ok if you only do 2 questions.


Brendan's Scribepost for December 14, 2009

10. A triangle has side lengths of 120 mm, 160 mm, and 200 mm. Is the triangle a right triangle? Explain your reasoning.

120 x 120 = 14400
160 x 160 = 25600
200 x 200 =40000
The triangle is a right triangle because 14400 (120 squared) plus 25600 (160 squared) equals 40000 (200 squared). The Pythagorean Relationship works!

In case you forgot what was for homework, you had to do ...
4, 5, 6, 9, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 18, 19, 21 in the textbook and
pages 26 and 27 in your homework book.

Connor's Scribepost for December 14, 2009

Question 15:

Construction workers have begun to dig a hole for a swimming pool. They want to check the angle they have dug is 90 degrees. They measure the diagonal as shown to be 9.5 m. Is he angle 90 degrees? Explain you reasoning.

No, the angle is not a right angle. It would have to be 10m for it to be a right angle.

36m + 64m = 100m

Noel's Scribe for Question #14

Today to do number 14 for the blog.

14) Show whether each triangle in the table is a right triangle.
Triangle | Side lengths (cm)
A | 9, 12, 15
B | 7, 8, 11
C | 7, 24, 25
D | 16, 30, 34
E | 10, 11, 14

Triangle A is a right triangle: 9 squared + 12 squared = 15 squared
Triangle B is not a right triangle
Triangle C is a right triangle: 7 squared + 24 squared = 25 squared
Triangle D is a right triangle: 16 squared + 30 squared = 34 squared
Triangle E is not a right triangle

P.S couldn't get the picture from my

December 14 , Scribe Post . question #4

4. What are the areas of the three squares shown ?

e = 30mm
the area is 900mm2 .

g = 50mm
the area is 2500mm2 .

f = 40mm
the area is 1600mm2 .

it's a short scribe post , sorry !

Faye Dscribe

Squares and square roots

pg. 24
1. a whole number that has only two factors, 1 and itself
Prime Number.

4. The product of the same two factors
Perfect Square.

pg. 24-25
7. a) Jamies backyard has an aria of 100m squared. Determine he prime factorization of 100. Show your work.
2x2x5x5= 100

b) Is 100 a perfect square? Explain your thinking.
Yes it is, 10x10=100

pg. 28

2. a) When I use a calculator the square root of a natural number that is a perfect square, I get a perfect number as my answer.

b) When I use a calculator to get the square root of a natural number that is not a perfect square, the answer the calculator gives me has a decimal in it. This is not an exact answer. It is a(n) decimal.

pg. 29
q. 7 ) Martina's painting is on a square canvas with an ara of 45cm squared. She needs to buy a frame for the painting. Estimate the square's side length to one decimal place. Show your work
6.7x6.7= 44.89 = 45cm2

10 ) Aarons parents went to buy an area rug for their 4m x 4m living room. They want space around the rug. The rug itself cannot take up more than 90% of the living room. What is the maximum size of rug they can buy? Show your work.
4m2 9x9=81m2

Celdrick's Scribepost for December 14 2009

Today in class Ms. Usiskin asked us what we did on Friday. Then we corrected the question from the show you know. Then after, we had to pick one question from the textbook in page 92-94.

This is my question:
Question 21

An example of a Pythagorean triple is 3,4,5.

a) Multiply each number by 2. Show whether the resulting three numbers from a Pythagorean triple.

6,8,10 does form a Pythagorean triple. 6²+8²=10².

b) Multiply the numbers by 10. 60²+80²= 100².

It forms a Pythagorean relationship.

c) Are there ant natural numbers that could make a Pythagorean triple when being multiplied by 3,4,5?

No, there are no natural numbers that does not make a Pythagorean triple when 3,4, and 5 are multiplied by it.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Argie's Scribepost for December 8th

The three questions i was assigned was 5, 7, and 11, on page 99.

5) Estimate each value, to one decimal place. Check your answer with a calculator.

A) √ 14 B) √ 86 C) √136

My guesses With calculator
5a) 3.6/ 5b) 9.2/ 5c) 11.6 5a) 3.7/ 5b) 9.3/ 5c) 11.7

7) Identify a whole number with a square root between 11 and 12.

I thought the number with a square root between 11 and 12 was 133, because the square root of 133 is 11.5.

11) the square has an area of 20cm squared.

A) Use perfect squares to estimate the side length to one decimal place.
I used two perfect squares with a side length of 4 and a half of a perfect square with a side length of 2.

B) Check your answer using a ruler to measure the side of the square. Measure to the nearest tenth of a centimeter.
When i checked the side length i got 4.5 cm.

Friday, December 11, 2009

three questons from the text book

Question 15
square root of:

To get all those answers, I simply used my calculator.

Question 16
Square root of:

Again to get those answers, I used my calculator.

Question 23
A helicopter landing pad has a square shape. The area is 400m squared. Use Prime factorization to fine the side length of the pad.

=200 x 2
=100 x 2 x 2
=50 x 2 x 2 x 2
=25 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2
=5 x 5 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2
400 = (5x2x2) x (5x2x2)
400 = 20 x 20
400 = 20 squared

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Winnipeg Harvest

Today, Princess, Guiseppe, Alvin, and I went to Winnipeg Harvest. Winnipeg Harvest is a place where you could donate food. They collect, and sort many foods that get delivered to hungry families. My group and I met 2 new people. Their names were Theresa and Richard. Apparently, Theresa went to Sargent Park too when she was young. Before we started our tour around the place, Richard told us 2 jokes. I actually found them quite funny.

What do you do when you lose your hand?
- You go to the Secondhand store!

I bet Harbeck found this really hilarious, especially because it was about math.
What did the math book say to the other math book?
- I got nothing but problems!

After those jokes, we started the tour with Richard. When he gave us a tour, he only went up to the room with bread. Then, he asked us to stand on the humungous scale. All four of us weighed up to 420 pounds! We got so surprised. From there, Theresa took over the touring. We saw where the emergency kits are, how they sort things, and where they put it after. When I saw all the volunteers helping out, I felt really amazed because there were so many people there that cared for people that are hungry. So, Theresa brought us to where our work was going to start. We started with the onions. It was really fun, but tiring, because since I'm short, I can't reach the bottom of the big box. We had to take out all the bad onions, and put the good ones into a box. But since Princess and I couldn't reach into the box like Guiseppe and Alvin, we helped Theresa do the potatoes. Theresa found this really neat heart shaped potato, so Princess and I took individual pictures with it. I also found a potato with a face on it! It kind of looked like E.T. We filled approximately 14 boxes of onions and potatoes. But, our job wasn't done yet. We had 1 more big box of little onions left. It was really funny, because some onions were extremely disgusting, and some were really cute, tiny, and nice. While we were throwing out the bad onions, we would shoot them into the big bucket as if we were shooting into a basketball hoop. This was such a fun experience, because I know I'm doing this for a good deed. When we were finished, I remember Richard asking us, "Why would you think I would be happy, when this place finally has a closed sign on the front?". Alvin answered "You would be happy because if this place closes down, that means there would be no more hungry people." I think that was really inspiring. I would be happy because there is no more hungry people. This was such a fun experience for me. Even if it took time, I really enjoyed it. I got to bond more with Harbeck and my friends, even Theresa! I hope that we would do more things in school to help the hungry people and donate many foods to them.

Gilberts Pay It Forward

Part 1

What does pay it forward mean to me. I think Pay it forward means to be involve in doing something good then the person that you did a good deed to has to do a good deed to someone else.

Part 2
Our act of kindness we donated stuff like clothes and toys to the salvation army. We also did another act of kindness which was to give cards to all of the teachers around the school. The reason why we donated a lot of stuff to the salvation army was because everyone in are group had lots of old clothes that we don't were anymore. Our act of kindness was completed on Dec 5, 2009.

Part 3
Our act of kindness went very well. All the teachers excepted the cards we made and they said they were going to pay it forward. I think the teachers were very proud of us because we were telling them what pay it forward meant. It was kind of funny because some teachers didn't know what pay it forward means but it was all good because we told them what it meant. I felt really good doing pay it forward and making a difference in other peoples life's.

Part 4
Pay it forward is important because it encourages people to make a difference in other peoples life's. Our act of kindness made a big difference in peoples life's. This was a very fun project to do I im really proud of our group we worked very hard on this project. Thank you and remember to pay it forward.

Scribepost for December 10,2009

Today we had to fill our exploring the Pythagorean Relationship section of our foldable.

So what we did is we talked about Right Triangles.

Right Triangles that has a 90 degree.

The parts of a Right Triangle.

The two shorter sides are called the legs.

The longest sides is called the hypotenuse.

We also had to make a right triangle by making 3 different perfect squares. So we used a 3x3, 4x4 and 5x5. We put the left overs in the 5x5 square.

Only some combinations of a side measure will produce a right triangle.

We also had to make a chart about the right angle.
So first triangle the pattern was. 9+16=25

For homework is to find 2 more combinations to make a right triangle.
Like what I did at the chart.

Sorry if the chart if it wasn't clear enough.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Winnipeg Harvest

What is Winnipeg Harvest?

Winnipeg Harvest is a place found in 1984 where you could donate food. Then in 1985 they opened there first warehouse where food could be donated and delivered to food banks all over Winnipeg.

What we did there?

Alex, Camille, Jem, Mr.Harbeck and I had to put non-perishable food items into a small bag than put several of them in a larger bag. We had to put one bag of grain/pasta, one can of protein, one can of vegetables and one can of soup. After we were doing it for a while a guy named Nick came over and helped us for the rest of the time and made the process a lot faster.

Why is Winnipeg Harvest Important?

Winnipeg Harvest is important because they support the less fortunate people by giving them free food. In one month at Winnipeg Harvest they feed 40,000 people or 40 of our schools. There are tons of people that volunteer there everyday so they are able to ship food to all the food banks across Winnipeg.

Elissa's Pay It Forward

Part 1
I think Pay It Forward is great, cause it has a big effect on the world .Pay It Forward is amazing , who ever created pay it forward is genuis. If one person could help 3 other people , and then they help 3 other people then on and on . The world would be so much better. This movie had a big infulence on me , it taught me that just one her person can have a huge a effect on another person. So , i would like everyone in the world to keep this chain going , called ''Pay It Forward'' This movie is very touching and Insperational.

Part 2
My Pay it Forward activity was handing out cards, candy canes, and chocolate.
We choose this activity because we thought it would be fun , and giving people cards can sometimes make a persons day or even make them happy. We handed out cards and candy at polo park to all the people , and put cards on peoples cars and in their mail boxes.
my video is on fb , didnt get to put it to youtube yet ..
Part 3

Our act of kindness did really well , we made alot of people happy , and it was really fun.
Lot's of people were very excited when we gave them a card , some even knew the movie .
I felt really good about this random act of kindness , i think it was very fun and touching seeing peoples reactions . I wish everyone could always do this . The people were very happy, kind ,and thankfull. In all of our cards we asked them nicely to pay it forward. The reactions were good and heartwarming.

Part 4

The idea of pay it forward is important , because it gives hope for everyone to always do random acts of kindness to either make people happy or just being kind. It's also important because if we all together can make pay it forward spread across the world then it would be almost a perfect world.
I think our act of kindness made a big difference , because it inlighted alot of people to do alot of kind and helpful things for another person.

The people who were in my group were Kisha Osborne , Krystal Deguzman, and Raquel Lorenzo
This was a very fun experience , ENJOY ! (:

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ammorn's Pay It Forward

Part 1

I think that the movie " Pay it Forward " is a great influence on people. I think that it is great because of the effect it has on the world. It truly means alot because one person helps 3 people, then those people have 3 other people and it grows into a big chain. So then, the world becomes an even better place. What this movie taught me was that, even just one person could make a huge difference. So, I want to keep, or start a new chain and I hope that it grows larger and larger and changes the world for the better. The movie was really touching. This is what pay it forward means to me.

Part 2

For my pay it forward act of kindness, I chose to do 2 things. One was volunteering at a school and the other was handing out candy canes and christmas cards to students, teachers and strangers around Sargent Park School. I chose to volunteer at a school because I like to help out little kids and it made me feel like i was in elementary again. I chose handing out candy canes and christmas cards because it seemed like it was in the spirit of the season and I wanted to see the smiles on peoples faces when I give it to them. I helped out teachers and students at Victoria Albert School. When Vanessa, Charis and I were at Victoria Albert, we helped out the teacher by making flash cards for her students. Also, we went out for recess and played with the children around the play structure. We volunteered at Victoria Albert on November 27, when we had no school and we handed out candy canes and christmas cards on December 7 during lunch time.

Part 3

My act of kindness went really well. One thing I did for pay it forward was I volunteered at Victoria Albert School. I did this because I like helping out little kids. The teacher was kind also. Another thing I did was I handed out candy canes and christmas cards.
I felt sort of a warm sensational feeling watching the little kids do work and run around at recess. I also felt some excitement and alot of happiness handing out candy canes and christmas cards. It was all so much fun.
When I first walked into the school, people gave me weird looks. Then, when I walked into the classroom, the teacher asked why Vanessa, Charis and I were there. We told her we were there to help her. Then, she smiled and asked us to help her by making flash cards. Also, when we were handing out candy canes and christmas cards, some people smiled and said " thanks " while other people were confused. Then there were people like Mr Mangaron, who yelled out some gibberish. After we were done making the flash cards, we asked the teacher to pay it forward. She reacted by asking us what it meant. So we explained to her everything. Also, on the envelopes of our christmas cards, we wrote in purple " Pay it Forward ". I think we got most of the 7er's confused.

Part 4

The idea of pay it forward is important because it helps people make good choices and it helps people feel kinder towards other people. The more people do good deeds and tell other people to do good deeds, the more better the world would be. I think that my act of kindness will definitely make a difference because you could tell on the looks of some peoples faces, that they wanted to do something nice for someone else.

Pay it Forward

These are the things we did for our project, "Pay It Forward".

we went to The Salvation Army to donate some of our things .

We had 3 people in our group , joseph, justine , and elvin .

Elissa's Scribepost for December.8

What is the side length of the square shown?
-The side length of 49mm squared is 7mm
How i got this answer is 7x7 =49mm

a) A square digital photo on the computer has a area of 144 cm squared.
-What is the side length of the photo?
-12mm . How i got the answer is 12 x 12 = 144 .

b)-The photo is emlarged so that the side length is now 36cm. What is the area of the enlarged photo?
-The area is 1296cm , How i got the answer is 36x36 =1296cm.

c)-How many times as large as the original area is the enlarged area ?
-9 times.

d)How many times as large as the original side length is the enlarged side length?
-3 times.

e)Use what you know to about the square root of a perfect square to identify the relationship between the numbers in part c) and d)
- It multiplys by 3

Celdrick's Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward (Act of Kindness)
Part 1:
Pay it forward: For me pay it forward means that I should do something for someone else without getting anything back. (well except for a "thank you") Pay it forward is also when you help another person, then they will help another and then the other will help another and it goes on. If you start that you will see how big it will get. I know Pay it Forward only has a few words (3) but it really means a lot to other people. Like the guy that Trevor helped. He helped him because he was homeless and then the guy paid it forward, by stopping the girl from suiciding. At the end of the movie you saw that lots of people went outside Trevor's house just because he helped those people. So it's a really big thing when helping other people.

The Pay it forward movie really meant something for me. It thought me a lot of things. It will teach you to think first for others before yourself. It also helped me to be a more better person that I was before. Most people...well let's change it.... Lots of people have been bullied and they are not happy when they get bullied, like Trevor's friend. He was being bullied by those 3 guys. So if you ever get bullied just stand up and don’t be scared to fight back. (just kidding don’t..... it will only make things worse) What you can do is go to an adult like your teacher, principal, vice, or your parents and tell them that you’re getting bullied...... Bystanders it's your turn.... If you are bystanding don’t be scared, because that’s wrong. Just tell an adult.

Well.... here we go.. let’s check out what I did for Pay it forward.

Part 2:

For pay it forward I decided to pick babysitting for free. So I babysat my baby cousin. Her name is Julia. This is a picture of her. So I went to her house to start my pay it forward and I entered the house and saw her playing with her toys. So I just let her play for a couple more minutes and then I made her milk and I fed her. When I was feeding her milk, she squeezed the rubber part and milk started to squirt on her face. So I just grabbed a soft cloth and cleaned it up.

In this picture I was feeding her. This was time after there was milk on her face.

After I fed her we waited for a couple of minutes and I let her watch Tree house. The show was Franklin. When I watched Franklin, I got really bored. So I just forced myself to watch it. I really wanted to watch NBA and when I turned it on to NBA she got mad at me. So I just changed the channel back to Franklin.
So after watching I put her in the crib and I let her play some more games. She really likes to move. She kept on rolling and rolling on her crib.

Me and Julia playing.

After playing, I gave her the pacifier and I put it in her mouth. So just when I was starting to leave, she was making this weird sound and when I turned around, she was waving goodbye to me, and I just said goodbye.

Part 3:
So I quickly ran home and did the green sheet.

After babysitting I felt responsible, because I took care of Julia and fed her and played games with her. It was really fun playing with a kid like her age. You will really have fun. Then after I felt good it’s this feeling (I can’t really describe it). I didn’t get to ask her parents to pay it forward, because it was getting late and I forgot to. But I think that they will pay it forward to someone else, because they’re just like the person who will do something nice for someone else.

Part 4:
Pay it forward is really important. It will make a big change to the world and to other people who are bad. (who knows.. they might change) My Pay it forward was really fun. It kept me un bored, and it really helped Julia’s parents. So people should start thinking for other people first before themselves , do not get anything back example: money etc. Remember to Pay it forward.

Connor's Pay it Forward

Part 1

What the meaning pay it forwrd means to me is to do good things to help out people. Helping people out makes the world a better place and teaches people to help other people, and then they can help other people, continuing on and on so everybody is happy. So if you pay you respect to someone and they continue the chain there will be less hatred going around and everybody can enjoy there lives. This is what pay it forward means to me.

Part 2

My act of kindness was to buy pillows for the troops going to Afghanistan. I chose to do this for my pay it forward because the troops helping keep peace in Afghanistan need to be respected for what the're doing for us. I helped the troops in Afghanistan. I bought four pillows to build up to the total of five thousand pillows. I did my act of kindness on my own time during the weekend because it was worth it to help out.

Part 3

My act of kindness went very well I enjoyed it when I went there and got pictures taken of me being kind towards our troops. I made a video saying what I was going to do when I was at home and then after that I went to JS furniture and got pictures taken of me with the reciept saying that I had bought four pillows for the troops. When I was done the lady at the counter gave me a ribbon to put on the christmas tree which I believe had a name of a soldier on it. I felt very good about doing this because I was helping out and it is good to be a part of good things. The woman that helped me at the counter was very happy that I was helping out and she was very happy to let me help out. I did not ask anyone to pay it forward but if I did it would be to the soldiers, but they have already done this by doing there duties keeping peace.

Part 4

The idea of pay it forward is extremely important because it makes the world a better place by including everyone it reaches in an act of helping. It doesnt matter how big or small the thing they do is because in the end it makes a huge difference. So in my case I have chosen to help people that are already helping others. My act of kindness made a difference because now four troops I supported get pillows for there comfort during there rough times in Afghanistan.

Elaine's Pay it Forwards

Part 1

"Pay it Forward." What does it mean to me? For me, each time I hear pay it forward I get inspired. Even though it's just three little words, it means a lot. It's telling us to do an act of kindness, not to benefit ourselves but instead to benefit others. If we help out someone and they help out other people, and those people help out others, it can really add up. And when we think of it, it all started from one little good deed. To us it might just be a little deed, but to others, it can be something that could change their lives. So when some one tells us to pay it forward, actually think about it and what it could do to people other than ourselves. We have a pretty good life so we should appreciate it and be grateful for what we have.


Part 2

My group consisted of four people, Bin
esi, Faye, Mary Jane, and I. We decided to make and sell bracelets.

We sold the bracelets at the book
fair in between parent teacher conferences. We even made posters and signs to advertise the bracelets. The money that we made was then sent to a community in Africa for polio vaccinations.


Part 3

Our goal was to raise $175.00. We made up backup plans just incase we didn't reach our goal. But then one of us made up a speech while we were about to finish making the bracelets.

"We have to believe, I know $175 is a lot of money but if we believe then we will achieve our goal. If we don't, we have a plan so we will be able to help the community in Africa. Guess what? I believe and so will you. I know that we will get the money no matter what, so don't worry."

We were just about to start selling the bracelets and it started off pretty slow but at the end of the first day, we made about $50. All we needed was $125 left to go. The next morning, Sharmaine came with a bag of bracelets. I asked her why she has it then she just tells me that she wanted to help even though she wasn't part of the group. I thought that was so nice. Later on that day, Jerick and Noelle came and said that they wanted to help. The told me that they didn't want any credit but I just want to thank them will all the help. They were one of the reasons why we got to achieve our goal.

They walked around in the hallway with a poster trying to sell the bracelets to the parents and teachers in the hallway. They didn't complain and it seemed like they had a pretty good time too. We had a few laughs but they did the job very well.

I felt so good knowing that we did a good deed for somebody else. Knowing that it will benefit them also made me feel even better. I think the rest of the group also felt amazing because we didn't do it for ourselves but for the community in Africa. All the hours that we spent was worth it and if I could choose, I would hope to spend a longer time doing the project.

I think the people that bought the bracelets and the people that helped out payed it forward. That was their way of helping out and I know that it made a difference. I hope that the community in Africa benefited greatly and after that experience, we might continue doing more projects like the one we just did. Not for school but for the people we can help.


Part 4

The idea of "pay it forward" is very important. It can help many people by just doing a few good deeds ourselves and telling those people to do good deeds. It won't take that much time to do it and for sure it will benefit others. I hope that more schools and maybe even companies could would learn about paying it forward because I know that they will end up feeling good about themselves while also helping some one else.

I wish that the act of kindness that we did helped out a lot. Because of the vaccinations, the people living in the community will hopefully live a better life.

Noel's Pay it forward

Part One

The movie pay it forward is an good inspiration to everyone, Pay it forward means making a difference in the world. It doesn't matter if its not that big
It will also help you realize that the bad things that you have been doing needs to stop, otherwise it will all get worse. Paying it forward means that if you help one person then that person will help 3 more people and it will keep on multiplying and multiplying.

Part Two

My Pay it forward act of kindness was putting cards in people's mailboxes and after I went to put cards into some random cars and after that I went to my backlane to pick up garbage. I only put one picture each act of kindness because the other picture was really ugly and blurry. I did all of my act of kindness yesterday thats why I didn't go to school yesterday. I had no one to go with and my group went to do their activity when i had provincials so i had to do it by myself.

Part Three

My act of kindness went really well because i took my time to do each of it and i had lots of time to do it.It felt really good when you do something good you just get this feeling and it feels good.people didn't really saw me doing my act of kindness only my brother and my mom because when i did all of that no one saw me . I would ask them to pay it forward but no one saw me doing it .
Today I went with justin and riemer to salvation army to donate clothes and just check outjustin's blog.

Part Four

The Idea of pay it forward is really important because lots of people are doing so much bad things these days and when you pay it forward the people you helped will help another person untill everyone do so much good things instead of bad things. I think my act of kindness will make a difference soon but not yet because I just did it yesterday, It will take time for people to help someone or to change.

Argie's Pay It Forward

Part 1
I think pay it forward means sometimes if you do something for others they will repay you buy helping another person and the chain will never stop. Those three words can mean many things when you use them to the fullest. Don't just say them if someone drops a pencil, you pick it up and say pay it forward, your just saying it as a joke. But when you actually help someone with a big thing, you can say it or not. Most of the time people don't say it to doctors or nurses, because they help us when its needed the most.

Part 2
We had a big group, the members of this group is, me, Emmanuel, Jeric, Josh, John, Aldrine and Alvin. First we stayed after practice to help Mosis and Sunny clean up the school. We Swept the hall way, the gym, cleaned the change rooms, and more. Also, the rest of the group went to the soup kitchen, my Mother wouldn't allow me to go because she thought i was going to get the H1N1 virus. I missed it and i wished i didn't. They told me how fun it was to help.

Part 3
I think that helping the janitors was allot of fun. They were really fun to work with. Mosis told me a couple of jokes on the way. They didn't really need allot of help, but when we helped them, we made sure we did a good job.

I felt that doing a good deed and getting nothing in return was really good, because most people don't realize but the people that we help do allot more too help others. Most people don't even take the time to say thank you when someone did something nice to them.

When we asked to help the janitors they seemed really surprised. I guess they have never actually got asked from a student for help. I think that they think Sargent is a place for really nice, caring, and giving students.

We didn't ask them to pay it forward because they do so much for the school as it is. Telling them to pay it forward would be too much, because they put in so much effort to clean and take care of the school.

They reacted by saying things like are you kidding. When we told them we weren't they thought we were just a few students trying to do good things for the school, and its people.

Part 4
I think the idea of pay it forward is important because its always good to help others, knowing your not getting something in return, because most of the time the people that you help are really good.
I think our act of kindness changed the janitors, because they think o us students as caring, giving, and respectful kids now.


Binesi's Pay it Forward

Pay it Forward

Part 1
Pay it forward is a movie about a young boy named Trevor who wants to make a difference. He brings homeless people into his home, tries to help his teacher find love, and get rid of his mother's alcoholism. He really does make his mark on the world, but like every great human being, he must die. While trying to rescue his friend from a group of bullies he is then stabbed. After the world hears of his dead (through a news report), his idea of "Paying it Forward" is thrust upon the rest of civilization to fulfill. Random acts of Kindness are reported all overart 1
America is reported. He may not have solved the world's problems, he did change a few lives along the way.

Part 2
My group (Elaine, Mary Jane, Faye, and I) decided we would sell bracelets. We weren't sure what the money should go towards until we came upon a Gift of Hope catalogue. We were leafing through when we came across a certain gift. I looked at it, it was to get a whole entire community in Africa immunized against polio. What's polio? You might be wondering, it is a disease that attacks your nervous system. We sold the bracelets at the book fair on Thursday night and all day Friday.

Part 3

We were really nervous at first, I guess the thought of no one buying anything was on all of our minds (considering afterwards we all took a deep sigh of relief). It was very succesful and we raised over $175. The extra money we put into the Pennies from Heaven jar at school. We were very successful in the end and people's reactions weren't all that amazing. Although one woman bought an extra one claiming to her impatient husband that the money went towards charity. We didn't really ask anyone to Pay it forward because we had a sign that said so. I think they sort of already did pay it forward by buying the bracelets in the first place.

Part 4

The concept of "Paying it Forward" is very important. It teaches both young and old that random acts of kindness help to mould our society into a better place. I really do think that our act of kindness is making a difference. I was in disbelief that only $175 about the amount of a week's grocceries, could make such a difference. I really hope that our vaccinations help a few families in poverty stay healthy.

Thank you to Sharmaine and Jerick Reyes who were there all Friday. As well as Noelle Cuvos who came for almost all of Friday. Carla Lacson for the pictures and all the teachers who bought a lot of our bracelets.

Pay it forward!

Kenneth's Pay It Forward

Part 1
In the movie called "Pay It Forward", Paying it forward means that if you help one person then that person will help 3 more people and it will keep on multiplying and multiplying. In that movie Trevor wanted to change the world by helping one person, Jerry. Jerry wanted to make up for what Trevor did for him and he wanted to fix Trevor's truck and he payed it forward. Well same for me and everyone else in my group!
For what pay it forward means to me is that putting bags or envelops filled with candy inside mailboxes is that when people from their homes look inside their mailboxes then they will think that it was from me and my friends who did this with me and from the Sargent park, it's like in that movie when someone makes a good deed that people are willing to make a change,and it's also helping others too because if you can't help them then you will feel very guilty inside. It's not always about you but for others also! So get out of your tiny little box of things that don't concern other people and start helping others get a smile ^^!

Part 2
Me, Devin,Ronny, and Alex were putting candy and chocolate inside bags. We put them inside mailboxes so that if a person checks inside a mailbox for "mail" then there shall be candy wrapped inside a bag along with the mail. But first we had to put the candy inside the bag "OUTSIDE!" which was freezing and almost felt like 30 degrees outside and after that we went to peoples homes and put them inside their mailboxes. We started this yesterday right after school.

Part 3
I don't actually know if we made a difference when we put our bags in mailboxes but i hope that it will give them a happy face. While we were doing this, it gave me a smile inside.

Part 4
Pay It Forward means that you help someone by giving them a present or anything that will make them happy because hardly anyone gives out things to others so I'll say that i will give them a card and that you will pay it forward to someone else, but if you give them a smile then your happy inside to, that means you have payed it forward. that's what i think ^^, so um everyone please pay it forward

Mary Jane's Pay it Forward

Part One: What is "Pay it Forward"?
After seeing this inspiring movie, I realized how important it is to pay it forward. It is important to pay it forward because it just doesn't make a difference on the person you helped but rather the whole world. This movie sends a strong message to many people and I am glad to have seen this movie because it's going to inspire me to do the same thing Trevor did. For me, paying it forward means helping a person and asking them to help another person which will result in making a difference in our world. By doing this, people will realize that it's time to do something to help make a difference. This is certainly something I am willing to do and I will attempt to get others involved as well.

Part Two: Our Act of Kindness
Our group involved four people, Binesi, Elaine, Faye, and I. For our act of kindness, we decided to make bracelets and sell them to help get vaccination for polio for a community in Africa. We were very fortunate to get a spot at the book fair to sell the bracelets. We completed our act of kindness during the parent teacher conference which was on Thursday night and Friday morning/afternoon.

Part Three: The Experience
I thought that our act of kindness went fantastic. Our goal was to sell all of the bracelets and raise $175.00. I was so happy to have reached our goal and knowing that we helped a community Africa put a smile on my face.

At first I was afraid that no one would buy our bracelets and so we wouldn't be able to raise enough money. In case that happened, we were prepared to do something else but I wasn't ready to give up. Our sale was going slow at first but none of us wanted to give up. To make our sale go a bit faster, we decided to make posters and walk around the hallways to see if we could get more people interested in buying our bracelets. Along the way, there were many people who stopped to read our sign and asked "what does pay it forward mean"? We briefly told them what it meant and I was pretty sure those people stopped by the library to check out our merchandise. To get even more people interested, we decided to ask for requests of what color the customer would like their bracelet to be and that we would customize it for them. Many people bought our merchandise including teachers, parents, students, and even the staff in the office. At the end I thought it was a very successful experience and we managed to reach our goal of $175.00.

As we were doing our act of kindness, I felt so good about what we were doing. I had that warm feeling that everyone said that we would get and it made me smile. I was so happy to know that we were actually going to help the community in Africa and help them live a better life. I'm sure that the rest of the group had the same feeling I had. Hopefully the people who bought our bracelets payed it forward. I would certainly like to do this again and this is an experience I will never forget.

I would like to give special mention to the people who helped out which were: Sharmaine, Jerick, and Noelle. I would like to thank them for helping us achieve our goal and hopefully they had fun.

Part Four: Why is this important?

The idea of pay it forward is important because it will make a difference in our world. By this I mean that you will not just help someone out because you are expecting something in return. You do this because you want to help make a difference and put a smile into people's faces without getting anything in return.

I think that our act of kindness has made a difference because we didn't just do it because we were asked to but rather because we wanted to. Hopefully the community in Africa will now live a better life and that we were able to put a smile on each and everyone of their faces.

Jennifer's Pay It Forward . (:

Part 1 -

The movie "Pay it Forward" taught me many things . Something small can turn into something huge . It's probably one of the best movies i've ever watched . It gives inspirations to adults
and children . I mean , look at the child (Trevor) who started pay it forward .
He was only 11 ! He's some what a hero . He affected alot of people with just helping three people , then they helped three people , and so on (aka , Paying it Forward).
My favourite part of this movie was the very end . Not the part where he gets stabbed ,
but the part when everyone came t0 his mother's house with flowers and candles .
To me , that was the saddest part , and I saw many people just tearing a bit .
Part 2 -

Our Pay it Forward act of kindness ? Well , Keanna and I went to The Forks .
It was packed there . We handed out candy canes and cards that encouraged people to Pay it Forward . We chose this activity mainly because it's a place we can have fun ,
and we can socialize with random strangers . We didn't necessarily help a 'group' of people .
but i do think we helped people that were having a bad day. We did our act of kindness on Sunday afternoon (December 6 , 2009)

Part 3 -

Personally , I think our act of kindness went very well . Every person we gave a candy cane and card to , they smiled, and said thank you . I felt good about giving random strangers cards and a candy cane . People reacted to our act of kindness , with smiles , questions , suprised faces too ! We wrote in all of the cards for people to pay it forward , and hopefully they did .
There was one couple though . They made us smile the most , mainly because they actually socialized with us , and the man was a painter/artist , and he said he would be happy to donate something to our school , if ever needed .

Part 4 -

The idea of "Pay it Forward" is important , because it teaches us to think about
others for a change and not just ourselves . It also teaches us that there are people
in this world who are unfortunate , and even just making someone's day is important ! Hopefully , our act of kindness has made a difference in people , and help them too !

Owen's Pay it Forward

Pay it Forward


Part 1

The movie "Pay it Forward" really meant something to me a lot because it inspired me to wash the dishes every second night and clean my room every Saturday. This movie will teach a lot of things that is good for you and for others around you. Anyone could make a little difference on the world and the people in it.


Part 2

My Pay it Forward act of kindness was washing the dishes every second night of the week and cleaning my room every Saturday. I did it because it is the only thing I could do for my parents. I started to do my act of kindness two weks ago.


Part 3

My act of kindness went great. I felt great and happy of the things I have done for the last two and a half weeks. My parent reacted with a smile on their faces. I did'nt ask them to pay it forward because I did'nt have to.

Part 4

The idea of " Pay it Forward " is important because it teaches us how to do things that are good for us and it also teaches us about the world around us. I think my act of kindness did'nt really made a difference on the world around me.

Darlene's Pay It Forward

Part 1

The movie is a really good inspiration for a lot of people. It will teach you a lot of things that are good for you. It will also help you realize that the bad things that you have been doing needs to stop, otherwise it will all get worse. It will teach you that bullying is not a good sign and it will lead to a miserable life. Children you are bullied, mostly starts to hate how life goes for them. They will start acting different and most of them will cut themselves because they are not happy about the things that has been going on in their life. By watching the movie, it will put a lot of sense into you and it will help you a lot.

Part 2
My friends, Vanessa, Charis, Ammorn and I decided to give out Christmas cards and candy canes to the people who were outside walking. We started going to random people around the street and started giving them candy canes and a Christmas card. Our act of kindness was done during our lunch hour.

Part 3
Vanessa, Charis, Ammorn and I went outside for lunch. We started delivering candy canes and Christmas cards to the people we saw walking on the street. Giving out candy canes and Christmas cards was a lot of fun for all of us. I felt really great giving those things out to the people around the street. I'd like to do this act of kindness once again to have a good time! When we were giving them out, most of the people were really surprised. I had no clue what they were thinking, but I hope it was something good because I saw them smiling afterwards. The Christmas cards had each letter of "Pay It Forward" on them, and when we were handing them out, they looked a little confused of what paying it forward meant. So, we told them that it is about showing an act of kindness, and then they started to smile and we were happy to be able to put a smile on people's faces.

Part 4

"Pay It Forward" is a very important thing for all of us. It will make a difference throughout the whole world. Many people out there have a hard time trying to survive, and I'm pretty sure we can help them out by donating. We can help donate food, gently used clothing, toys and a lot of other things! I hope that we made a difference to the people's lives and I hope that they themselves pay it forward as well !

Jenn's Scribe . (:

So , i had to do a scribe for questions 4, 14 , and 9 from the mathlinks textbook (pg. 99-100)

Here you go ;

1. Estimate the Square root of each number , to one decimal place . Check with a calculator.

14. Alex is thinking of a number. The number has a square root between 7 and 8 and it is a multiple of 12.
a) What number could he be thinking of ? He is thinking of the number 60 .
b) Is there more than one answer? Explain.
Well , I doubt it . because 60 is the only number that is a multiple of 12 that have a square root between 7 and 8 .
9. What are possible whole numbers that have a square root between 4 and 5 ?

Kenneth's scribepost for December 8

Today Mr.Harbeck choose me to do the homework book and the textbook page from page 86

In the textbook this is the question in page 86:

Determine the value: a)9 b)25 c)1600

ok in order to get the answer i used my calculator to find those answers by hitting square root:

a)9=3 b)25=5 c)1600=40

Homework Book:

In page 24 are just key ideas and practises.


1. A whole number that has only two factors, 1 and itself

prime number

2.The product of the same tow numbers.

Perfect Square

3. The number that equals a given value when you multiply the number by itself.

Prime factorization

4. The product of the same two factors.

Square Root

5. A number written as the product of its prime of its prime factors.

Square number

plz correct me if im wrong!

Now on to Practise and Apply part yay ^^

6. a) Determine the prime factorization of 30. Show your work.




this is my work

b) Is 36 a perfect square? Explain your thinking.

Yes, because If you have a square of an area of 36cm square and the square had 6 on each side then yea its a perfect square.

c) Draw a quadrilateral that shows whether or not 36 is a perfect square. Label its side lengths.

7.Janie's backyard has an area of 100m2.

a) Determine the prime factorization of 100. show your work.

= 5x5x4

this is my work and uh sorry but i don't have a picture on this one

b) Is 100 a perfect square? Explain your thinking.
Yes, because if you have a 10x10 square on each side then it counts as 100 because its a huge square.


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