Monday, December 7, 2009

Jamie's Pay It Forward

To me, paying it forward means to help and give to other people without getting anything in return. If you pay it forward, people have to do it too. If everyone gives and helps one another, the world will be such a great place to live in. The movie that we watched was really interesting, because of how a young 11 year old boy literally tried to change the world. The good part was, that he thought his plan completely failed, when it didn't. Just asking 3 people to pay it forward, made the message pass on to other people in different places. Maybe, if we do a little more things for 3 people to pass on to 3 other people and so on, everyone would finally get what we mean by paying it forward. My idea for paying it forward wouldn't be taking a homeless man, and bringing him into my home, but to do nice things for other people. A nice thing I plan to do, is to talk to people who need help in life, and help them get through their problems. I also want to help people who are depressed and who cut themselves. I want it to stop, and make the world and the people in it, happy. If I could do this to 1 person, I can ask them to pay it forward, and make a difference in that persons life.

For the Pay It Forward project, we donated many clothes, and toys to Salvation Army, and gave out cards to all the teachers in school. We chose to donate to Salvation Army, because since we have so much stuff at home that we don't use, we just decided to donate it to people who would actually put it in good use. We helped the people in need for clothes, and gave toys that children can't really afford. We completed our act of kindness on December 5 , 2009, and December 7, 2009.

Our act of kindness went pretty good, because all the teachers accepted our cards, and said they were going to pay it forward too. Everytime we gave a card a teacher, they were proud of us, because of how we tried to let everyone know to pay it forward. Some of the teachers didn't even know what paying it forward meant. We explained it to them, and they thought that it was a clever idea. I felt really good. It felt like a big weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Giving to other people, and making a difference in other peoples' lives made me feel so proud. We asked everyone we gave to, to pay it forward. They really liked the idea, and they were appreciated, because now they know that even young kids like us care for all the other people in need.

Pay It Forward is such a good idea. It encourages so many people to give, and make a difference in other peoples' lives. I feel really good about what we did, because it shows how much I care, even if it doesn't seem like it. It has made a difference, because the people we gave the cards to said that they were going to pay it forward to other people.

I had so much fun doing this project, because my group and I got to get to together, and work hard on what we care for.

This is the video we made to show all the work we've been through to complete this project.



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