Tuesday, December 8, 2009

pay it forward

We watched a movie called Pay It Forward . It was about a young boy who had to do this L.A project , about helping someone . And so he did . And we got the project to do too .

Jennifer and I went to the forks, and handed out candy cains and cards.

In the cards we wrote 'Merry Christmas , we are asking you to pay it forward by helping someone els and too bring a smile to there faces by doing something nice for them
- From two Sargent Park School Students'

Here is our video , of us Paying It Forward

After we did this , we felt really happy that we were able too put a smile on these

peoples faces. Jennifer and I would do it again , if we had too , without any questions asked.

We really enjoyed this project , and were feeling really happy when we finished it.

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