Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Jex Pay it Forward

Part 1
Pay it forward showed me lots of things and can make a life very different. When Trevor got a homeless man and brought the homeless man in house and feeded him, let him take a bath and stay at his home for shelter. That showed me that he cared for someone that he saw and didn't have a life to enjoy. Pay it forward also thought me how to be a better person. How? Well he changed the world. He made lots of good decisions. He tried to fix everything that was wrong to him and when people get mad at him he still comes back and try to fix the problem. The ending of the movie was the sad part and it showed me how everyone that knows and doesn't know Trevor came to his house and they knew that he changed something.
Part 2

For our active kindness Brayden and I decided to donate anything that we didn't need to Salvation Army. We donated clothes, toys and many other things that we didn't need . We chose this as our active kindness because we wanted to help the less fortunate and get rid our things that we didn't need donated instead of throwing it out.

I also bought pillows for the troops in Afghanistan in JS furniture where they sell it . I chose this because I wanted to help the troops because they worked so hard for Canada for making peace in Afghanistan and for fighting for us and sacrificing their lives for Canada. I also want to thank the troops for what they've done for us.

Part 3

When Brayden and I went to Salvation Army right after school of Wednesday we had no idea where to put our stuff in. So we asked a person who was working there and she told us to put our stuff in a huge pile. I was very please that lots of people donated things to. After we donated our stuff I felt very good that we donated stuff and happy. When people in Salvation Army saw us they were so happy that were contributing to the people who are less fortunate. I didn't ask the person to pay it forward because I know that they will sell for a low price or give them away our things to the less fortunate because they already paid it forward.

When I went to JS furniture I was so excited to buy a pillow to the troops. So when they told us that the pillow was small. I didn't really care because I gave that pillow to a soldier and they will love the pillow for sure. When the person who was working there asked that if I have any family member or knew someone there. I responded no. I said I just wanted to help the troops and make sure they get what they need. I asked them to pay it forward and the person reacted OK we will make sure that the troops will pay it forward to someone else.

Part 4

The idea of pay it forward is very helpful and important because it can make a difference to anywhere whether is in your community or around the world. We often do stuff that are very simple and easy and complain about them but it's not that hard. Compare that to other people who are living in pain and that are homeless. Imagine that if it was us or anybody you know. I just hope our act of kindness just can make a big difference to someone and likes what we gave them and I hope they pay it forward too.

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