Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Layton's Pay It Forward

Part 1

What pay it forward means to me is, insted of paying somone back for something they do to you, you pay it forward too somone thats needs it. To pay it forward means to pass a favor on and change someones life and they will change somopne elses and so on. paying it forward means to change one persons life at a time and about changing the world.

Part 2

For our pay it forward assignment we went to the salvation army and donated clothes. After that we went to Polo Park and handed out 75 holiday cards to random strangers. We chose to do that because we wanted to do more than 1 thing and we were happy to do two. I help by makeing the christmas cards and i broght cloths to donate. We did our act of kindness on thursday because that was the only day free.

Part 3

Are act of kindness went realy well becacuse there was alot of nice people in to the holiday spirit exept for some people were realy mean they would look right at us then just walk right past.
after we were done i felt realy good that we did somthing nice for other people. Some people were realy nice and very thankful but some people were very mean and disrespectful. When we gave each person the card we said to pay it forward. They said i would love to and stuff like for sure but some people said maby.

Part 4

I think that paying it forward is realy important because if we can change the world life will be better for everyone in the world. I think are pay it forward made a diffrent because i think that when people saw are acts of kindess they thought about how nice that is and mabny they sould do it.

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