Wednesday, December 16, 2009

How I stopped an alien invasion using proportion

It was a cold winter night when I decided to go for a walk with my friends to the skatepark, just when we got to the middle of the field we seen some sort of object in the sky, at first we thought it was a star, or an astoriod. We decided to keep walking and once we got there this object flew down towards us, and one of my friends start running, I stayed to see what was in this huge object, nothing came out of it, but a voice came from it saying, "We need three proportion math questions answered quicky or we have the right to take over your planet, if you get them all right, we will have to go back to our planet." I was looking at this object and thought maybe it was an alien ship, I then ran home to figure out the answers for these questions, while I was at it, I thought maybe I would save the world, and be famous..

1.) q.5 . What is the unit rate in each?
a. 2 pens cost 94 cents
47 cents
b.Four blocks stacked one on top of the other are 24cm high.
6cm per block

2.) q.18 . At an amusment park a new thrill ride was introduced, it costs 7.50 for 3 rides.
a.What is the wild slider's unit rate per ride?
b.At this rate, what would it cost for 18 rides on Wild Slider?

3.) q.26 . Two circles have a ratio of 1 to 2, Use a diagram to help answer the following questions.

a). What is te ratio of their circumferences?
b). What is the ratio of their areas?

Not quiet knowing if I got it right and if it was okay, but they were still at the skatepark, I grabbed my paper i wrote the questions and answers on and quickly ran to the aliens, I showed them what I have done, and They flew away, my friends were happy, we didn't know what would happen next.

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