Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Mary Jane's Scribepost for December 1, 2009

For today's math class, we got our quizzes back and we did some more work on our foldable.

This was the rubric that Mr. Harbeck and Ms. Usiskin used to mark our quizzes:
We were then asked to revise our quiz, by correcting our mistakes or explaining our answer better by using examples.

Ms. Usiskin told us the we were confused by the wording of the question so she explained what the question really meant.
After that we did more work on our foldable. Here were some of the slides that shows what we did on our foldable.

This slide shows the spaces between the perfect squares using a fraction and later converting it into a decimal.

eg. area is 2 and the side length is 1 1/3 and converted to a decimal is approximately 1.33. We got that by dividing 1 by 3 and keeping the number 1 the same.

Then we talked about square root. Here was the slide that shows what a square root is:
These are some of examples of a square root:
The short cut to get the side length is using square root which should be a button with the square root symbol on your calculator.
eg. the area is 2 and the side length would be 1.41 rounded to 2 decimal places (using square root).


Finish revising quiz and finish your number line (with fractions, with decimals and with your calculator).


allysa817 said...

Awesome job Mary Jane! I like how you added the pictures we used in class and put them on your post. I also like how you changed the colors of your words to make them stand out, but you forgot to proofread or spell check your post because I found a few mistakes. Other than that, great job!:D

Larrisa8-17 said...

Great Job Mary Jane! I like how you use colors and I like how you showed us the things we did in class today . As what Allysa said there were some spelling mistakes, next time just proofread your scribe post. anyways you did a good job !

Darlene8-17 said...

Nice job MJ ! Your scribe was very understandable ! I agree with the others , I found some spelling mistakes while reading your scribe . Anyways , good job !

Elaine817 said...

Good job MJ!!! Your scribe was very neat and organized. The colours that you used made your scribe post stand out but next time just reread your scribe to make sure there aren't and errors.

elvin817 said...

Great Job MJ! nice picture and colors! and you explained everyting well. Great Job again!

Ralph817 said...

Good Job! I liked how you used pictures and colour. I liked how you explained everything very well.

Layton 8-17 said...

Good Job!. i liked hw you showed us the pictres we did in class and how you used alot of colour. great job!

Jex (Juan Exequiel)8-17 said...

Good job Mary Jane. I like how you explained very well. Your blog was not boring and it look very presentable.

Brendan817 said...

Good job Jane !! Your scribepost was very colourful. I liked how you used pictures from class. You also explained everything well.

Owen817 said...

Good Job Mary jane! It was very colourful.


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