Friday, December 4, 2009

Marielle's Pay it Forward .

- Part One .

I think the movie , Pay it Forward made me think more onto the future , because it inspired me with making a change . How ? because the movie really did a good job of expressing the phrase " pay it forward " . I think the boy , Trevor , made a really big difference by changing her mom and other people . Making a change can make the world better . So please pay it forward ! :D

- Part Two .

My pay it forward act of kindness was donating money to the poor children all over the world with the help of other people . I thanked the other people who donated money to the poor by giving them each a key chain . I chose this activity because i wanted to help the poor and i wanted to make a difference , even if it was just a little one . I helped the children with no food and clothing . I went for a walk around my area . Then I went to some houses , stores and to some family members . I asked the people if they can donate any spare change for the poor . I also explained to them how they are paying it forward by donating any amount of money . I had a paper and pen in my hand so that they could write their name , amount of donation and date . Some people wrote their name and some people didn't . I did this act of kindness on December 3 , 2009 , Thursday , 5 days ago .

- Part Three .

My act of kindness went really well . I donated the money to ' Gawad Kalinga ' - ANCOP - by giving the money to my auntie because she's a member of the association . I felt really good after all the money the people and I raised . The people were thankful when i told them i was going to donate money to the poor because I was doing a good deed . I did tell every person that donated to Pay it Forward .

- Part Four .

The idea of paying it forward is important because you can make a change in the world just by doing random act of kindness's . My random act of kindness has made a difference . Now the children that have no food , clothing or money now can be helped just by the money donated .

-remember you guys .... PAY IT FORWARD :)

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