Monday, December 7, 2009

Noelle Cuvos's Pay It Forward

I Think that this movie was trying to show that life is too short to enjoy by yourself. You have to help and make people feel good. It also shows that no matter how bad your life is, you have to put others before yourself. Trevor was tortured by his mom's bad decisions, but still tried t help people he barely knew. He then helped his mother before choosing to help himself. Closer to the end of the movie he sacrificed his life to end the bullying towards his close friend.

-My group's act of kindness was to donate clothes at The Salvation Army, then afterwards to hand out hand made cards to random people we don't know at Polo Park Shopping Center.

-My group chose these activities, because we liked the idea of handing out cards from previous years, and we thought about people at Salvation Army who would love to have our older clothes that are now out of use.

-We basically helped the people from Salvation Army, and everyone at Polo Park we didn't really help them, but I'm sure we put a smile on all their faces.

-What we did was, first, gather together all of our clothes, then make all of our cards. Then the day of we donated the clothes and gave out the cards.

-We did our act of kindness during the evening around 6 o'clock, because we could donate the clothes any time, but we thought about Polo Park. It would probably be most busy around that time.


-Our acts of kindness went very well. The girl at the Salvation Army counter looked very happy that we gave them so many clothes. Also we handed out all our cards in just under 2 hours.

-What happened was we simply would walk up to who ever and would just give them a card.

-Personally, I felt good. Usually I would have never have done this if it wasn't for school. People would always talk about what a good feeling it is to have, but I honestly never thought it would be that great.

-The girl at the Salvation Army looked so happy, and when ever we would hand a card to someone their face would light up within a few seconds.

-We didn't ask people to Pay It Forward because most people didn't take it too seriously. Most people thought of it more as a Holiday Greetings as aposed to a good deed.

-Most people reacted positivly by wishing us happy holidays aswell and by thanking us, but a lot of other people would say no thank you and just walk away.

-We didn't tell them to Pay It Forward because most people didn't take these cards seriously and they probably wouldn't Pay It Forward anyways just because we're a bunch of kids.


-The idea of this all is very important because people have to stop being so selfish and think about others who need so much more then them. Some kids are frustrated when their parents say to work for something, when there are some kids who have to work hard to just have one meal a day. So many people are struggling with their lives and people are looking past it like it's nothing, but truly it's affecting a lot of people all over the world.

-I hope that my group's act of kindness made a difference. Hopefully it opened up someone's eyes and that person might think about it and actually Pay It Forward without being asked, but with some of the shallow people that we live with it might not occur to them that this is actually something we did to try and change the world in a way.

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