Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Kenneth's Pay It Forward

Part 1
In the movie called "Pay It Forward", Paying it forward means that if you help one person then that person will help 3 more people and it will keep on multiplying and multiplying. In that movie Trevor wanted to change the world by helping one person, Jerry. Jerry wanted to make up for what Trevor did for him and he wanted to fix Trevor's truck and he payed it forward. Well same for me and everyone else in my group!
For what pay it forward means to me is that putting bags or envelops filled with candy inside mailboxes is that when people from their homes look inside their mailboxes then they will think that it was from me and my friends who did this with me and from the Sargent park, it's like in that movie when someone makes a good deed that people are willing to make a change,and it's also helping others too because if you can't help them then you will feel very guilty inside. It's not always about you but for others also! So get out of your tiny little box of things that don't concern other people and start helping others get a smile ^^!

Part 2
Me, Devin,Ronny, and Alex were putting candy and chocolate inside bags. We put them inside mailboxes so that if a person checks inside a mailbox for "mail" then there shall be candy wrapped inside a bag along with the mail. But first we had to put the candy inside the bag "OUTSIDE!" which was freezing and almost felt like 30 degrees outside and after that we went to peoples homes and put them inside their mailboxes. We started this yesterday right after school.

Part 3
I don't actually know if we made a difference when we put our bags in mailboxes but i hope that it will give them a happy face. While we were doing this, it gave me a smile inside.

Part 4
Pay It Forward means that you help someone by giving them a present or anything that will make them happy because hardly anyone gives out things to others so I'll say that i will give them a card and that you will pay it forward to someone else, but if you give them a smile then your happy inside to, that means you have payed it forward. that's what i think ^^, so um everyone please pay it forward


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