Monday, December 14, 2009

Faye Dscribe

Squares and square roots

pg. 24
1. a whole number that has only two factors, 1 and itself
Prime Number.

4. The product of the same two factors
Perfect Square.

pg. 24-25
7. a) Jamies backyard has an aria of 100m squared. Determine he prime factorization of 100. Show your work.
2x2x5x5= 100

b) Is 100 a perfect square? Explain your thinking.
Yes it is, 10x10=100

pg. 28

2. a) When I use a calculator the square root of a natural number that is a perfect square, I get a perfect number as my answer.

b) When I use a calculator to get the square root of a natural number that is not a perfect square, the answer the calculator gives me has a decimal in it. This is not an exact answer. It is a(n) decimal.

pg. 29
q. 7 ) Martina's painting is on a square canvas with an ara of 45cm squared. She needs to buy a frame for the painting. Estimate the square's side length to one decimal place. Show your work
6.7x6.7= 44.89 = 45cm2

10 ) Aarons parents went to buy an area rug for their 4m x 4m living room. They want space around the rug. The rug itself cannot take up more than 90% of the living room. What is the maximum size of rug they can buy? Show your work.
4m2 9x9=81m2

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