Monday, December 7, 2009

Sharmaine's Pay it Forward

Part 1
Paying it forward made a difference to people. It changes people by making them think about someone else rather themselves. It makes one person do a good deed knowing that they helped someone without anyone telling them too. When I watched the movie it made me feel happy knowing that anyone can make a difference. Some types of paying it forwards are helping a homeless guy out on the streets or donating things so do not used anymore. Doesn't feel good to help someone out and making them smile. Another thing about the movie is that anyone can make a difference and make them smile. That's what i felt about the movie and the message that came to my head about it.

Our act of kindness was to donate clothes or stuff we didn't use at home anymore. Just like coat for kids. We did another act of kindness and that act of kindness was handing out cards to teacher. When we handed it out they were happy and full of joy! Some teacher didn't know what "pay it forward" meant so we explained it to them. We chose this activity because giving clothes and stuff we don't need can be used for someone who does need it and handing out cards makes teachers feel happy and giving them a little early Christmas greeting! We helped kids and teacher. We did our act of kindness on December 5 to 7.

Part 3
Our act of kindness went well. All teacher accepted our cards. They were all happy. They thought paying it for was a good idea to spread the joy. I felt really good inside that I actually did something good to someone else besides me. At first people didn't want to do it but at the end it really changes their mood. They were all happy that we are doing this kind of things to change the world.We asked everyone to pay it forward. They liked how you can spread the joy and said they will do an act of kindness.

Part 4
It's important because you do something good for someone else and it felt great at the end. I liked doing this project. It was a great work of team work. Everyone joined in. Hopefully their will be alot of smiles on people faces! I hope it spread around and it continues to be like that...

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