Monday, December 7, 2009

Larrisa's Pay it Forward

Part 1 : What "Pay it forward" means to me, is that if you just help people you just get all happy inside, because it makes a difference in peoples lives. The word pay it forward means doing good deeds to other people or like an act of kindness. It teaches good things not bad things. I think paying it forward is a good idea, because it helps other people, and it means respect. When I watched Pay it Foward, the people in the movie were trying to make good differences in peoples lives. Pay It Forward helps other people that are homeless. Paying it forward is based on to do something helpful/beneficial for someone else, something "big" and then ask for them to not do something in return for them, but rather to "pay it forward" by doing something big for another few people. This idea eventually is going to change the world. If this will happen in the future the world will improve. My idea is to stop people from doing bad things. Their life will be better when they stop thinking suicidal.

Part 2 : Our Pay it for
ward act of kindness is that we went to the Salvation Army and handed out cards to the staff at school. Every time we gave cards to the teachers they really appreciated the cards we gave to them. Some of the teachers didn't know what paying it forward meant, so we explained it to them. Giving cards and many clothes to the Salvation Army was a good thing, because it helps the people in need. We chose this activity because giving clothes to people that needs it is a good thing.Giving cards to the staff is also a good thing because the staff will be doing good deeds to other and would be passing it to people and those people would be passing it to other people then it will keep on going on. We started making cards for the staff , last Thursday. When we gave the clothes to the Salvation Army was on Saturday, December 5. We finished our act of kindness on Dec 7, 2009.

Part 3 :
My a
ct of kindness went very well, because when we were handing out all the cards, the teacher's appreciated the cards we gave them. They were really proud of us, because we asked them to pay it forward too. Just to tell you that was one of the best project I've made so far, because giving to other people made me feel good. The other act of kindness went really well, but I couldn't go to the Salvation Army. I donated some clothes, and a few toys, but I couldn't make it when my group went to Salvation Army. They told me that when they went to the Salvation Army, they gave clothes and toys that they don't need. Well, they told me that they gave the clothing and toys that they didn't need to one of the employee's working in Salvation Army, and took a picture, and told him to pay it forward. I felt really happy of what we did, it really made a big difference to the world and to people. I felt really proud of myself for doing good deeds to other people. When we told them to pay it forward, they would always smile and would say " thank you, don't worry, I will be paying it forward" or something like that. When I was handing out the cards to the staff, I would ask every one of them to pay it forward. They didn't really react , they just told me if they had to pay it forward.

Part 4 :
The id
ea of paying it forward is important because it helps other people, changes the world into a better one and making a big big difference in peoples lives. Our act of kindness made a big difference to other people, because the cards we gave to the staff,would be paying it forward also, they so it will make a big difference in peoples lives.
I am very proud of my group.
Good job you guys for working really hard to get this project finished and trying to make a difference in peoples lives. I like to help other people, because your heart feels really warm. I am very proud of all of my classmates.Good job you guys! Keep up the good work!

Make somebody's day happy just how I made yours! (:



here are some pictures :

8-17 : Jamie, Allysa, Sharmaine, April, Larrisa, Gilbert. 8-16: Jecelyn

I hope you enjoy reading my pay it forward scribe post! Just one person could make a difference, but it would be better if EVERYONE tried to make a difference. Thank you

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