Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Scribepost for December 2, 2009

Today during class we had the option of working on the questions in our textbooks or working on our numberline. I chose to do my numberline for homework. For my scribepost I have to do 2 questions from the textbook.

Here are the questions that I chose:

19.The gym teacher told the students to run twice around the perimeter of the school field. The area of the square field is 28 900 m squared. What distance did the students run ?

The students ran 340 m squared.

How did I find that out ?
Well, the square root of 28 900 is 170. I found that out by using the square root button on my calculator. Then, I just multiplied 170 by 2 and I got 340.

20. Adam's uncle has instructions for building a shed. One page of the instructions, shown below is not very clear.

a ) What is the area of the rectangle ?
The area of the rectangle is 36 m squared.
lxw = 4x9 = 36
b ) What is the side length of a square ?
The side length of a square is 6.
6 squared is 36.


april817 said...

Great job Ammorn! nice use of colors and pictures. and good answers.

Larrisa8-17 said...

Good job ammorn ! good use of colors to make the blog stand out more and i like how you explained everything well, Good Job ! (:

Ralph817 said...

Awesome Job! I liked how you used colour and pictures from the textbook! You explained everything very well.

Sharmainea8-17 said...

good job ammorn. Good use of colors. your work it easy to read. you explained everything good! great job!

Brendan817 said...

G'job Ammorn ! The colours that you used stand out. I also like your pictures. Excellent work !

Jex (Juan Exequiel)8-17 said...

Good job Ammorn. I like how you explained everything well. The pictures were good and good job again.

Elaine817 said...

Great job Ammorn! Nice use of colours and pictures. You also had a well done explanation.

MaryJane817 said...

Nicely done Ammorn. Great explanation and your pictures were clear. I also liked the colors you used which made it stand out more.

×Jusŧıŋ£8-17× said...

good job . nice explaining those things and those picture and text colours


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