Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ammorn's Pay It Forward

Part 1

I think that the movie " Pay it Forward " is a great influence on people. I think that it is great because of the effect it has on the world. It truly means alot because one person helps 3 people, then those people have 3 other people and it grows into a big chain. So then, the world becomes an even better place. What this movie taught me was that, even just one person could make a huge difference. So, I want to keep, or start a new chain and I hope that it grows larger and larger and changes the world for the better. The movie was really touching. This is what pay it forward means to me.

Part 2

For my pay it forward act of kindness, I chose to do 2 things. One was volunteering at a school and the other was handing out candy canes and christmas cards to students, teachers and strangers around Sargent Park School. I chose to volunteer at a school because I like to help out little kids and it made me feel like i was in elementary again. I chose handing out candy canes and christmas cards because it seemed like it was in the spirit of the season and I wanted to see the smiles on peoples faces when I give it to them. I helped out teachers and students at Victoria Albert School. When Vanessa, Charis and I were at Victoria Albert, we helped out the teacher by making flash cards for her students. Also, we went out for recess and played with the children around the play structure. We volunteered at Victoria Albert on November 27, when we had no school and we handed out candy canes and christmas cards on December 7 during lunch time.

Part 3

My act of kindness went really well. One thing I did for pay it forward was I volunteered at Victoria Albert School. I did this because I like helping out little kids. The teacher was kind also. Another thing I did was I handed out candy canes and christmas cards.
I felt sort of a warm sensational feeling watching the little kids do work and run around at recess. I also felt some excitement and alot of happiness handing out candy canes and christmas cards. It was all so much fun.
When I first walked into the school, people gave me weird looks. Then, when I walked into the classroom, the teacher asked why Vanessa, Charis and I were there. We told her we were there to help her. Then, she smiled and asked us to help her by making flash cards. Also, when we were handing out candy canes and christmas cards, some people smiled and said " thanks " while other people were confused. Then there were people like Mr Mangaron, who yelled out some gibberish. After we were done making the flash cards, we asked the teacher to pay it forward. She reacted by asking us what it meant. So we explained to her everything. Also, on the envelopes of our christmas cards, we wrote in purple " Pay it Forward ". I think we got most of the 7er's confused.

Part 4

The idea of pay it forward is important because it helps people make good choices and it helps people feel kinder towards other people. The more people do good deeds and tell other people to do good deeds, the more better the world would be. I think that my act of kindness will definitely make a difference because you could tell on the looks of some peoples faces, that they wanted to do something nice for someone else.

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