Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Argie's Pay It Forward

Part 1
I think pay it forward means sometimes if you do something for others they will repay you buy helping another person and the chain will never stop. Those three words can mean many things when you use them to the fullest. Don't just say them if someone drops a pencil, you pick it up and say pay it forward, your just saying it as a joke. But when you actually help someone with a big thing, you can say it or not. Most of the time people don't say it to doctors or nurses, because they help us when its needed the most.

Part 2
We had a big group, the members of this group is, me, Emmanuel, Jeric, Josh, John, Aldrine and Alvin. First we stayed after practice to help Mosis and Sunny clean up the school. We Swept the hall way, the gym, cleaned the change rooms, and more. Also, the rest of the group went to the soup kitchen, my Mother wouldn't allow me to go because she thought i was going to get the H1N1 virus. I missed it and i wished i didn't. They told me how fun it was to help.

Part 3
I think that helping the janitors was allot of fun. They were really fun to work with. Mosis told me a couple of jokes on the way. They didn't really need allot of help, but when we helped them, we made sure we did a good job.

I felt that doing a good deed and getting nothing in return was really good, because most people don't realize but the people that we help do allot more too help others. Most people don't even take the time to say thank you when someone did something nice to them.

When we asked to help the janitors they seemed really surprised. I guess they have never actually got asked from a student for help. I think that they think Sargent is a place for really nice, caring, and giving students.

We didn't ask them to pay it forward because they do so much for the school as it is. Telling them to pay it forward would be too much, because they put in so much effort to clean and take care of the school.

They reacted by saying things like are you kidding. When we told them we weren't they thought we were just a few students trying to do good things for the school, and its people.

Part 4
I think the idea of pay it forward is important because its always good to help others, knowing your not getting something in return, because most of the time the people that you help are really good.
I think our act of kindness changed the janitors, because they think o us students as caring, giving, and respectful kids now.


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