Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Jennifer's Pay It Forward . (:

Part 1 -

The movie "Pay it Forward" taught me many things . Something small can turn into something huge . It's probably one of the best movies i've ever watched . It gives inspirations to adults
and children . I mean , look at the child (Trevor) who started pay it forward .
He was only 11 ! He's some what a hero . He affected alot of people with just helping three people , then they helped three people , and so on (aka , Paying it Forward).
My favourite part of this movie was the very end . Not the part where he gets stabbed ,
but the part when everyone came t0 his mother's house with flowers and candles .
To me , that was the saddest part , and I saw many people just tearing a bit .
Part 2 -

Our Pay it Forward act of kindness ? Well , Keanna and I went to The Forks .
It was packed there . We handed out candy canes and cards that encouraged people to Pay it Forward . We chose this activity mainly because it's a place we can have fun ,
and we can socialize with random strangers . We didn't necessarily help a 'group' of people .
but i do think we helped people that were having a bad day. We did our act of kindness on Sunday afternoon (December 6 , 2009)

Part 3 -

Personally , I think our act of kindness went very well . Every person we gave a candy cane and card to , they smiled, and said thank you . I felt good about giving random strangers cards and a candy cane . People reacted to our act of kindness , with smiles , questions , suprised faces too ! We wrote in all of the cards for people to pay it forward , and hopefully they did .
There was one couple though . They made us smile the most , mainly because they actually socialized with us , and the man was a painter/artist , and he said he would be happy to donate something to our school , if ever needed .

Part 4 -

The idea of "Pay it Forward" is important , because it teaches us to think about
others for a change and not just ourselves . It also teaches us that there are people
in this world who are unfortunate , and even just making someone's day is important ! Hopefully , our act of kindness has made a difference in people , and help them too !

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