Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Elaine's Pay it Forwards

Part 1

"Pay it Forward." What does it mean to me? For me, each time I hear pay it forward I get inspired. Even though it's just three little words, it means a lot. It's telling us to do an act of kindness, not to benefit ourselves but instead to benefit others. If we help out someone and they help out other people, and those people help out others, it can really add up. And when we think of it, it all started from one little good deed. To us it might just be a little deed, but to others, it can be something that could change their lives. So when some one tells us to pay it forward, actually think about it and what it could do to people other than ourselves. We have a pretty good life so we should appreciate it and be grateful for what we have.


Part 2

My group consisted of four people, Bin
esi, Faye, Mary Jane, and I. We decided to make and sell bracelets.

We sold the bracelets at the book
fair in between parent teacher conferences. We even made posters and signs to advertise the bracelets. The money that we made was then sent to a community in Africa for polio vaccinations.


Part 3

Our goal was to raise $175.00. We made up backup plans just incase we didn't reach our goal. But then one of us made up a speech while we were about to finish making the bracelets.

"We have to believe, I know $175 is a lot of money but if we believe then we will achieve our goal. If we don't, we have a plan so we will be able to help the community in Africa. Guess what? I believe and so will you. I know that we will get the money no matter what, so don't worry."

We were just about to start selling the bracelets and it started off pretty slow but at the end of the first day, we made about $50. All we needed was $125 left to go. The next morning, Sharmaine came with a bag of bracelets. I asked her why she has it then she just tells me that she wanted to help even though she wasn't part of the group. I thought that was so nice. Later on that day, Jerick and Noelle came and said that they wanted to help. The told me that they didn't want any credit but I just want to thank them will all the help. They were one of the reasons why we got to achieve our goal.

They walked around in the hallway with a poster trying to sell the bracelets to the parents and teachers in the hallway. They didn't complain and it seemed like they had a pretty good time too. We had a few laughs but they did the job very well.

I felt so good knowing that we did a good deed for somebody else. Knowing that it will benefit them also made me feel even better. I think the rest of the group also felt amazing because we didn't do it for ourselves but for the community in Africa. All the hours that we spent was worth it and if I could choose, I would hope to spend a longer time doing the project.

I think the people that bought the bracelets and the people that helped out payed it forward. That was their way of helping out and I know that it made a difference. I hope that the community in Africa benefited greatly and after that experience, we might continue doing more projects like the one we just did. Not for school but for the people we can help.


Part 4

The idea of "pay it forward" is very important. It can help many people by just doing a few good deeds ourselves and telling those people to do good deeds. It won't take that much time to do it and for sure it will benefit others. I hope that more schools and maybe even companies could would learn about paying it forward because I know that they will end up feeling good about themselves while also helping some one else.

I wish that the act of kindness that we did helped out a lot. Because of the vaccinations, the people living in the community will hopefully live a better life.

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what a nice paying it forward . good job ^^


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