Thursday, December 10, 2009

Winnipeg Harvest

Today, Princess, Guiseppe, Alvin, and I went to Winnipeg Harvest. Winnipeg Harvest is a place where you could donate food. They collect, and sort many foods that get delivered to hungry families. My group and I met 2 new people. Their names were Theresa and Richard. Apparently, Theresa went to Sargent Park too when she was young. Before we started our tour around the place, Richard told us 2 jokes. I actually found them quite funny.

What do you do when you lose your hand?
- You go to the Secondhand store!

I bet Harbeck found this really hilarious, especially because it was about math.
What did the math book say to the other math book?
- I got nothing but problems!

After those jokes, we started the tour with Richard. When he gave us a tour, he only went up to the room with bread. Then, he asked us to stand on the humungous scale. All four of us weighed up to 420 pounds! We got so surprised. From there, Theresa took over the touring. We saw where the emergency kits are, how they sort things, and where they put it after. When I saw all the volunteers helping out, I felt really amazed because there were so many people there that cared for people that are hungry. So, Theresa brought us to where our work was going to start. We started with the onions. It was really fun, but tiring, because since I'm short, I can't reach the bottom of the big box. We had to take out all the bad onions, and put the good ones into a box. But since Princess and I couldn't reach into the box like Guiseppe and Alvin, we helped Theresa do the potatoes. Theresa found this really neat heart shaped potato, so Princess and I took individual pictures with it. I also found a potato with a face on it! It kind of looked like E.T. We filled approximately 14 boxes of onions and potatoes. But, our job wasn't done yet. We had 1 more big box of little onions left. It was really funny, because some onions were extremely disgusting, and some were really cute, tiny, and nice. While we were throwing out the bad onions, we would shoot them into the big bucket as if we were shooting into a basketball hoop. This was such a fun experience, because I know I'm doing this for a good deed. When we were finished, I remember Richard asking us, "Why would you think I would be happy, when this place finally has a closed sign on the front?". Alvin answered "You would be happy because if this place closes down, that means there would be no more hungry people." I think that was really inspiring. I would be happy because there is no more hungry people. This was such a fun experience for me. Even if it took time, I really enjoyed it. I got to bond more with Harbeck and my friends, even Theresa! I hope that we would do more things in school to help the hungry people and donate many foods to them.

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