Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Kenneth's scribepost for December 8

Today Mr.Harbeck choose me to do the homework book and the textbook page from page 86

In the textbook this is the question in page 86:

Determine the value: a)9 b)25 c)1600

ok in order to get the answer i used my calculator to find those answers by hitting square root:

a)9=3 b)25=5 c)1600=40

Homework Book:

In page 24 are just key ideas and practises.


1. A whole number that has only two factors, 1 and itself

prime number

2.The product of the same tow numbers.

Perfect Square

3. The number that equals a given value when you multiply the number by itself.

Prime factorization

4. The product of the same two factors.

Square Root

5. A number written as the product of its prime of its prime factors.

Square number

plz correct me if im wrong!

Now on to Practise and Apply part yay ^^

6. a) Determine the prime factorization of 30. Show your work.




this is my work

b) Is 36 a perfect square? Explain your thinking.

Yes, because If you have a square of an area of 36cm square and the square had 6 on each side then yea its a perfect square.

c) Draw a quadrilateral that shows whether or not 36 is a perfect square. Label its side lengths.

7.Janie's backyard has an area of 100m2.

a) Determine the prime factorization of 100. show your work.

= 5x5x4

this is my work and uh sorry but i don't have a picture on this one

b) Is 100 a perfect square? Explain your thinking.
Yes, because if you have a 10x10 square on each side then it counts as 100 because its a huge square.

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