Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Celdrick's Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward (Act of Kindness)
Part 1:
Pay it forward: For me pay it forward means that I should do something for someone else without getting anything back. (well except for a "thank you") Pay it forward is also when you help another person, then they will help another and then the other will help another and it goes on. If you start that you will see how big it will get. I know Pay it Forward only has a few words (3) but it really means a lot to other people. Like the guy that Trevor helped. He helped him because he was homeless and then the guy paid it forward, by stopping the girl from suiciding. At the end of the movie you saw that lots of people went outside Trevor's house just because he helped those people. So it's a really big thing when helping other people.

The Pay it forward movie really meant something for me. It thought me a lot of things. It will teach you to think first for others before yourself. It also helped me to be a more better person that I was before. Most people...well let's change it.... Lots of people have been bullied and they are not happy when they get bullied, like Trevor's friend. He was being bullied by those 3 guys. So if you ever get bullied just stand up and don’t be scared to fight back. (just kidding don’t..... it will only make things worse) What you can do is go to an adult like your teacher, principal, vice, or your parents and tell them that you’re getting bullied...... Bystanders it's your turn.... If you are bystanding don’t be scared, because that’s wrong. Just tell an adult.

Well.... here we go.. let’s check out what I did for Pay it forward.

Part 2:

For pay it forward I decided to pick babysitting for free. So I babysat my baby cousin. Her name is Julia. This is a picture of her. So I went to her house to start my pay it forward and I entered the house and saw her playing with her toys. So I just let her play for a couple more minutes and then I made her milk and I fed her. When I was feeding her milk, she squeezed the rubber part and milk started to squirt on her face. So I just grabbed a soft cloth and cleaned it up.

In this picture I was feeding her. This was time after there was milk on her face.

After I fed her we waited for a couple of minutes and I let her watch Tree house. The show was Franklin. When I watched Franklin, I got really bored. So I just forced myself to watch it. I really wanted to watch NBA and when I turned it on to NBA she got mad at me. So I just changed the channel back to Franklin.
So after watching I put her in the crib and I let her play some more games. She really likes to move. She kept on rolling and rolling on her crib.

Me and Julia playing.

After playing, I gave her the pacifier and I put it in her mouth. So just when I was starting to leave, she was making this weird sound and when I turned around, she was waving goodbye to me, and I just said goodbye.

Part 3:
So I quickly ran home and did the green sheet.

After babysitting I felt responsible, because I took care of Julia and fed her and played games with her. It was really fun playing with a kid like her age. You will really have fun. Then after I felt good it’s this feeling (I can’t really describe it). I didn’t get to ask her parents to pay it forward, because it was getting late and I forgot to. But I think that they will pay it forward to someone else, because they’re just like the person who will do something nice for someone else.

Part 4:
Pay it forward is really important. It will make a big change to the world and to other people who are bad. (who knows.. they might change) My Pay it forward was really fun. It kept me un bored, and it really helped Julia’s parents. So people should start thinking for other people first before themselves , do not get anything back example: money etc. Remember to Pay it forward.

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