Monday, December 7, 2009

Allysa's Pay It Forward

To me, this movie meant sacrificing something or someone on the spot. Some people don't have the time to think about this and honestly, I was one of them. But when I watched this, I felt somewhat bad because I never knew how bad sacrifice got. If it were me in the movie, I think I'd be too selfish or wouldn't have the guts to sacrifice myself. I also felt like I was taking advantage of my regular life by spoiling myself and being spoiled. I feel this way because for me, yeah I can be spoiled and I take advantage of my regular life but for Trevor, he sacrificed a lot and his life wasn't as regular as mine. His parents separated and his mom is addicted to alcohol. Even though his life isn't as great as mine, he's thankful for it and he appreciates everything he gets. That's why this is what the movie meant to me.

Our Pay It Forward act of kindness was donating our old/used clothes to the Salvation Army to help them. We also made cards, attached candy canes/pencils to them and gave them to teachers as an act of kindness. We chose this activity because we thought we were going to enjoy it but still change the world. We helped needy people, but also encouraged teachers to help others too. What we did was we went to a Thrift Store called, "Salvation Army" and we gave out cards we made, all lunch hour to teachers at our school. We started our act of kindness on December 4th and finished on December 7th.

Our act of kindness turned out great and I have to admit, this was probably the best project I've ever done so far in my life and I know I won't forget it. When we went to the Salvation Army, we didn't know where to put the stuff we were donating because it was our first time, so we had to ask the workers and they had this giant bin that looked like a garbage bin and we threw all our donations into it. We took a picture with one of the staff members and left. When we made the pay it forward cards, we handed them out and told them to "Pay It Forward". When we were about to leave, we'd ask for a picture on our way out. I felt a happiness in my stomach, while my heart was melting when we did a good deed. I know I felt it before but I haven't felt it in a while thats why I felt good about myself. The person/people we gave it to were surprised, and overjoyed. We asked the person to pay it forward and they replied with a "Sure thing, or okay." I think it was great when they agreed to pay it forward for us so the chain would keep on going. They acted pretty pleased when we requested them our act of kindness. If I hadn't asked the person to pay it forward, it would probably be because I forgot. If I did know then I would tell them because it would be a great opportunity. We did tell them to pay it forward.

The idea of "Pay it Forward" is important because it makes the world a whole better place and so everybody is well-situated. I think my group's act of kindness made a difference because now most of the people in my school know about it and it's passing on. Teachers, students, etc.


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