Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Brendan Sawit's Pay It Forward

Part 1

I think that Pay it Forward means to help someone do something that they can't do alone. Then that person helps other people do things they can't do alone because they know how it feels to be helped. Pay it Forward kind of acts like a train, he kindness goes to person to person and so on. There are many ways to Pay it Forward. One way is to do some community service. Community service can be helping clean up a place to spending time at the old folk's home. Paying it forward makes someone's job easier and it makes them a bit happier.

Part 2
- My groups Pay it Forward act of kindness was donating clothes to the Salvation Army and giving out cards at Polo Park to brighten up someone's day.
- My group and I chose these activities because Winter is coming and the people at the Salvation Army might need a couple extra articles of clothing to keep them warm. We all have those times where we're really bored, so we wanted to give the people at the mall something to smile about.
- We helped the people at the Salvation Army by giving them clothes to keep them warm.
- We did our act of kindness at night because a lot of people were tired because it could've been a bad day and our cards could've gave them a smile.

Part 3

Our act of kindness went very well. The lady at the Salvation Army were surprised that four young boys had the heart to make the effort to go to the Salvation Army and donate their clothes. We felt great knowing that many people appreciate our cards and clothes. The people reacted really well, they said thanks and wished us Happy Holidays as well. We did not ask the people to pay it forward because they were usually busy helping customers and looking through merchandise and probably would not take it seriously if we did.

Part 4

The idea of Pay it Forward is important because it is easy and effective. Our act of kindness made a difference by giving the people at the Salvation Army a couple of layers to keep them warm this Winter.

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