Thursday, December 3, 2009

Scribepost for December 3 2009

Today in class we did some questions like this one.

For this question we had to find out if 54 is a perfect square. at he end we ended up finding out that is is not a perfect square. we use prime factorization to find the answer with the diagram in the picture too the Left. ta da.

I'm sorry for the fuzzy picture but if you cant see it it says:

The gym teacher told the students to run twice around the school field. The area of the SQUARE FEILD is 28 900 m2.
What DISTANCE did the students run?

First what we did we found out the Square root of 28900 wich is 170.
Second with the side length of 170 we found the perimiter by going 170+170+170+170 = 680 m. Now that we found the perimiter we have to double the perimiter because the students ran twice around.
so we went 680 m x 2 = 1360m. now all we have to do is wright a simple sentance answer.

The students ran a distance of 1360 m.

For this question we had to find the side length of the square. and we got the information that the area of the rectangle is the area of the square.

too find the side length of the square you ave to fine the area first. so since we know that they both have the same area we can find the area for the rectangle first.
to find the area of the rectangle we went
Length x width wich is 9 m x 4 m = 36 m2.
now that we know the area of the rectangle we know that the area of the square is the same. So we found the square root of 36 and got 6.

so the side length of the square is 6 m.

Kate is going to put a patio in her
backyard. The patio stones she is using
each have an area of 1 m2. She has created
the rectangular design shown.

a) What is the area of the patio?
the area of the rectangle is 56m2

b) What are the dimensions of another
rectangular patio she could build
with the same area?
for this question we used 7 and 8 for our side lengths.

c) Kate decides to make a patio with the
same area but she wants it to be a square
with whole number side lengths. Is this
possible? Explain your reasoning

it is possible to make her patio a square but it wont be a perfect square for that one we found that out by fining the square root and it was 7.48.

THis is my scribe for today and thanx for reading and comment plz.




Marielle 8-17 said...

Good Job Layton , there was a lot of description in your blog . I liked the pictures too ! :)

Jex (Juan Exequiel)8-17 said...

Good job Layton. Your blog was awesome. You explained everything well. The pictures weren't that bad. Your blog had lots of color which is good.

Good Job Again!!!

Elaine817 said...

Great job Layton! Your blog was very descriptive and colourful and you used the pictures from class. Once again great job!!

MaryJane817 said...

Awesome job Layton. Your blog was clear and understandable. It was also very colorful and the pictures you used were great.

×Jusŧıŋ£8-17× said...

good job laytou .
good colouring and pictures .

elvin817 said...

Good Job Layton! you explained every thing well and nice color and Pictures!


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