Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Elissa's Pay It Forward

Part 1
I think Pay It Forward is great, cause it has a big effect on the world .Pay It Forward is amazing , who ever created pay it forward is genuis. If one person could help 3 other people , and then they help 3 other people then on and on . The world would be so much better. This movie had a big infulence on me , it taught me that just one her person can have a huge a effect on another person. So , i would like everyone in the world to keep this chain going , called ''Pay It Forward'' This movie is very touching and Insperational.

Part 2
My Pay it Forward activity was handing out cards, candy canes, and chocolate.
We choose this activity because we thought it would be fun , and giving people cards can sometimes make a persons day or even make them happy. We handed out cards and candy at polo park to all the people , and put cards on peoples cars and in their mail boxes.
my video is on fb , didnt get to put it to youtube yet ..
Part 3

Our act of kindness did really well , we made alot of people happy , and it was really fun.
Lot's of people were very excited when we gave them a card , some even knew the movie .
I felt really good about this random act of kindness , i think it was very fun and touching seeing peoples reactions . I wish everyone could always do this . The people were very happy, kind ,and thankfull. In all of our cards we asked them nicely to pay it forward. The reactions were good and heartwarming.

Part 4

The idea of pay it forward is important , because it gives hope for everyone to always do random acts of kindness to either make people happy or just being kind. It's also important because if we all together can make pay it forward spread across the world then it would be almost a perfect world.
I think our act of kindness made a big difference , because it inlighted alot of people to do alot of kind and helpful things for another person.

The people who were in my group were Kisha Osborne , Krystal Deguzman, and Raquel Lorenzo
This was a very fun experience , ENJOY ! (:

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