Sunday, December 13, 2009

Argie's Scribepost for December 8th

The three questions i was assigned was 5, 7, and 11, on page 99.

5) Estimate each value, to one decimal place. Check your answer with a calculator.

A) √ 14 B) √ 86 C) √136

My guesses With calculator
5a) 3.6/ 5b) 9.2/ 5c) 11.6 5a) 3.7/ 5b) 9.3/ 5c) 11.7

7) Identify a whole number with a square root between 11 and 12.

I thought the number with a square root between 11 and 12 was 133, because the square root of 133 is 11.5.

11) the square has an area of 20cm squared.

A) Use perfect squares to estimate the side length to one decimal place.
I used two perfect squares with a side length of 4 and a half of a perfect square with a side length of 2.

B) Check your answer using a ruler to measure the side of the square. Measure to the nearest tenth of a centimeter.
When i checked the side length i got 4.5 cm.

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