Sunday, December 6, 2009

April's Pay it Forward

To me, "paying it forward" means doing something nice for someone without expecting
anything back. But not just for one person, but for a lot of people. And not just once, but continuously. Then that person would be inspired to do good things to other people too. The movie shows how there is way more to life than just existing and trying to make it through. We should try to make the best out of everything. Try to make the world a much better place. It doesn't matter how old you are. Because anywhere, anytime there is someone out there that needs something. May it be a friend, comfort or whatever. In the movie, Trevor is 11 years old, so for the kids out there including me, we shouldn't be thinking things like, "I'm too young I can't do anything. I won't make a difference or change anything in the world." Because as I have mentioned before, it doesn't matter how old we are. It just starts from one person. And we shouldn't just wait for someone else to do something, because if everybody waits, nothing will happen. It starts with us, and it's up to us to make a difference. I'm really glad we watched this movie. Because I want to see a big difference starting in grade eight. And I will try my best to do my part, not just in school but anywhere I go. Also one thing I noticed, is that there is a story behind every person. So we shouldn't judge because we don't know if there is something going on in their life.

My group had two Pay it Forward acts of kindness. First, we made these Christmas/appreciation cards for all the the teachers and staff in Sargent Park School. Then we looked around the house and collected things that we don't use/never used before and donated it to the Salvation Army.

chose activity #1, because I feel that the adults in the school need to know that they are being appreciated even though sometimes we (students) don't act like it, or take advantage of them. I chose activity #2, because I noticed I had a lot of things at home just sitting in my closet or anywhere else like clothes and toys that other people would use/need more.

I hope I helped the adults of the school feel more appreciated. And I hope I helped the 'less fortunate' get little things they need such as warm jackets for the cold, pillows to rest their head at night, or even just toys to play with.

#1: I made hand made cards for the adults of the school. When I handed them out, I hoped that it brought some smiles to their faces.
#2: I went into my closets and took all of the clothes I never use anymore, or never used at all and collected them. Also, I looked around the house for anything else my family never uses. I found things like toys, curtains and other little things. After collecting things, I ended up with a box full of items, and a whole black garbage bag full of clothes. I felt good that those things wouldn't just be wasted and hopeful that it would go to the right people who need them.

I think our act of kindness went really good. I really enjoyed it.

When we went to Salvation Army, we went inside and approached a worker. We asked him where to put our donations so he showed us the bin. We put a lot of things so he was really glad that teenagers like us would donate so much. We greeted each other a Merry Christmas. He said thanks, then we explained our project and what we were doing so we told him to "pay it forward". Also with handing out our cards. We explained what we were doing and told people to "pay it forward."

I felt really really good during our activity and after. Because I liked seeing the smiles on the peoples faces and the way they reacted. Especially when we were handing out cards to the teachers.

The people who we handed out the cards to were very happy and grateful receiving a card, candy-cane and pencil. Some of them have seen the movie pay it forward and related to what we were doing. I enjoyed it because it brought joy to everyone with just a simple thing.

Yes, we did ask people to "pay it forward".

Some of them were excited about it and said that they would definitely "pay it forward". And some of them just replied "okay" or "sure thing".


The idea if "Pay it Forward" is important because when someone does a good deed, it would keep passing on. And it would make a really big difference, even if it's just a small act of kindness. Because people would be encouraged to give. Then more people will be happy. And the world would be better a better place when everyone is happy.


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