Thursday, December 10, 2009

Gilberts Pay It Forward

Part 1

What does pay it forward mean to me. I think Pay it forward means to be involve in doing something good then the person that you did a good deed to has to do a good deed to someone else.

Part 2
Our act of kindness we donated stuff like clothes and toys to the salvation army. We also did another act of kindness which was to give cards to all of the teachers around the school. The reason why we donated a lot of stuff to the salvation army was because everyone in are group had lots of old clothes that we don't were anymore. Our act of kindness was completed on Dec 5, 2009.

Part 3
Our act of kindness went very well. All the teachers excepted the cards we made and they said they were going to pay it forward. I think the teachers were very proud of us because we were telling them what pay it forward meant. It was kind of funny because some teachers didn't know what pay it forward means but it was all good because we told them what it meant. I felt really good doing pay it forward and making a difference in other peoples life's.

Part 4
Pay it forward is important because it encourages people to make a difference in other peoples life's. Our act of kindness made a big difference in peoples life's. This was a very fun project to do I im really proud of our group we worked very hard on this project. Thank you and remember to pay it forward.


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