Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Binesi's Pay it Forward

Pay it Forward

Part 1
Pay it forward is a movie about a young boy named Trevor who wants to make a difference. He brings homeless people into his home, tries to help his teacher find love, and get rid of his mother's alcoholism. He really does make his mark on the world, but like every great human being, he must die. While trying to rescue his friend from a group of bullies he is then stabbed. After the world hears of his dead (through a news report), his idea of "Paying it Forward" is thrust upon the rest of civilization to fulfill. Random acts of Kindness are reported all overart 1
America is reported. He may not have solved the world's problems, he did change a few lives along the way.

Part 2
My group (Elaine, Mary Jane, Faye, and I) decided we would sell bracelets. We weren't sure what the money should go towards until we came upon a Gift of Hope catalogue. We were leafing through when we came across a certain gift. I looked at it, it was to get a whole entire community in Africa immunized against polio. What's polio? You might be wondering, it is a disease that attacks your nervous system. We sold the bracelets at the book fair on Thursday night and all day Friday.

Part 3

We were really nervous at first, I guess the thought of no one buying anything was on all of our minds (considering afterwards we all took a deep sigh of relief). It was very succesful and we raised over $175. The extra money we put into the Pennies from Heaven jar at school. We were very successful in the end and people's reactions weren't all that amazing. Although one woman bought an extra one claiming to her impatient husband that the money went towards charity. We didn't really ask anyone to Pay it forward because we had a sign that said so. I think they sort of already did pay it forward by buying the bracelets in the first place.

Part 4

The concept of "Paying it Forward" is very important. It teaches both young and old that random acts of kindness help to mould our society into a better place. I really do think that our act of kindness is making a difference. I was in disbelief that only $175 about the amount of a week's grocceries, could make such a difference. I really hope that our vaccinations help a few families in poverty stay healthy.

Thank you to Sharmaine and Jerick Reyes who were there all Friday. As well as Noelle Cuvos who came for almost all of Friday. Carla Lacson for the pictures and all the teachers who bought a lot of our bracelets.

Pay it forward!

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