Tuesday, December 8, 2009

faye Pay It Forward

Part One

After watching this movie, it made me relize what such a little thing could do to make other people happy, it seems so much easier then I thought, and an act of kindness can be done in many different ways. This movie made me want to start doing more things, even after the project to help way more people, and to be a better person. I enjoyed it very much, and it wasn't hard at all, it was pretty fun, especially working with friends.

Part Two

The group I was in already did help people in Africa to get immunized against polio, I had a freat time making the bracelets with Binesi, Elaine, and MaryJane, and Elaine a lot of people helped, we would love to thank them for helping, and paying it foward, we got a spot in the library, it made it so much easiler, sinc ewe were doing it during the book fair. Parents, young students, and along with the teachers also baught the bracelets and donated money, we made over 175 dollars in 2 days and we had fun doing it, it made us feel really great. I'm also going to be giving tons of pants and stuff people would need for winter to keep warm. The group is going to be raising more money by making foam snowman and putting a little candy canes on them, and we would be giving the money to the Salvation Army.

Part Three

Well we were really nervous at the beginning, we didn't think we would make anything at all, but we made 175 dollars in 2 days, we were happy about tha. It made us feel really happy that we were going to be helping others. The people that baught them had smiles on their faces, i'm so happy they read our sign, because it was a lot of help, reason we didn't tell rarely anyone to pay it forward by donating. Im really happy with the partners I got.

Part four

This idea of act of kindness is important because the money goes to Africa to help a disease called Polio, but its especially great, because just 175 dollars helps a whole community.
I am sure it made a difference, because we definitly feel great about it, we are proud of ourselves to acomplish something this good, it's good to do this kind of thing when it also feels great doing it, it's not as hard as we might of thought. So many accomplishments by just giving a little money.

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