Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Brayden's Pay It Forward


For me Pay It Forward means doing an act of kindness without getting rewarded. This movie showed me that one person can make a difference around the world if the people continue to Pay It Forward. It is a good idea to Pay It Forward because once people keep on paying it forward who knows how many people will be helped out.


For our pay it forward project Jex and I decided to donate clothes, toys and many other things to salvation army. We chose to do this for our project because we are helping out the less fortunate by giving them things we don't need and we don't have use for. We did this project right after school because we were both able to meet at Salvation Army and donate our things together.


When Jex and I went to Salvation Army we had no idea where to put our bags. So we looked around and we saw a huge bin filled with bags so we put our bags in there. After we donated the clothes the person thanked us. I felt warm, kind and great to be donating all of that. I probably wouldn't have done that if I didn't have to do it for a project but now I might do it a more often. The girl at Salvation Army was very pleased with us bringing all our things in. We didn't ask them to pay it forward because we already know that they are going by selling those clothes at a low cost and they also use some of the money to help less fortunate people and people with disabilities.


The idea of "Pay it Forward" is very important because we can make a difference around the community and world. We often complain about doing some chores but really it's not that hard compared to some people's life. Some people have to do a lot more things just to have a meal a day. Honestly, I believe this is a big problem around the world. I hope our act of kindness made a difference in someones life.

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