Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Winnipeg Harvest

What is Winnipeg Harvest?

Winnipeg Harvest is a place found in 1984 where you could donate food. Then in 1985 they opened there first warehouse where food could be donated and delivered to food banks all over Winnipeg.

What we did there?

Alex, Camille, Jem, Mr.Harbeck and I had to put non-perishable food items into a small bag than put several of them in a larger bag. We had to put one bag of grain/pasta, one can of protein, one can of vegetables and one can of soup. After we were doing it for a while a guy named Nick came over and helped us for the rest of the time and made the process a lot faster.

Why is Winnipeg Harvest Important?

Winnipeg Harvest is important because they support the less fortunate people by giving them free food. In one month at Winnipeg Harvest they feed 40,000 people or 40 of our schools. There are tons of people that volunteer there everyday so they are able to ship food to all the food banks across Winnipeg.

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