Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Noel's Pay it forward

Part One

The movie pay it forward is an good inspiration to everyone, Pay it forward means making a difference in the world. It doesn't matter if its not that big
It will also help you realize that the bad things that you have been doing needs to stop, otherwise it will all get worse. Paying it forward means that if you help one person then that person will help 3 more people and it will keep on multiplying and multiplying.

Part Two

My Pay it forward act of kindness was putting cards in people's mailboxes and after I went to put cards into some random cars and after that I went to my backlane to pick up garbage. I only put one picture each act of kindness because the other picture was really ugly and blurry. I did all of my act of kindness yesterday thats why I didn't go to school yesterday. I had no one to go with and my group went to do their activity when i had provincials so i had to do it by myself.

Part Three

My act of kindness went really well because i took my time to do each of it and i had lots of time to do it.It felt really good when you do something good you just get this feeling and it feels good.people didn't really saw me doing my act of kindness only my brother and my mom because when i did all of that no one saw me . I would ask them to pay it forward but no one saw me doing it .
Today I went with justin and riemer to salvation army to donate clothes and just check outjustin's blog.

Part Four

The Idea of pay it forward is really important because lots of people are doing so much bad things these days and when you pay it forward the people you helped will help another person untill everyone do so much good things instead of bad things. I think my act of kindness will make a difference soon but not yet because I just did it yesterday, It will take time for people to help someone or to change.

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×Jusŧıŋ£8-17× said...

good job . that takes a lot of time making cards and putting them in random houses mail box .


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