Friday, November 13, 2009

How to stop an Alien Invasion using Porportions

One clear silent morning, something came from the sky. It was shaped as an oval, it was so many dazzling lights, it was a UFO! While it was coming down, it sent messages on the t.v that they'll take over the Earth. As the aliens continued to talk they said that they'll go away if someone answers three proportional questions that was waiting at three convenience store. I took that chance to saved the earth and went to the nearest convenience store.

The first convenience store question was:
Question- 6.Delia was paid $35 for 5h of babysitting. How much should should she receive for 3h? Use a unit rate to find the answer.
She received $21 in 3 hrs.
I successfully got the question right and I was down to 2 more. I headed down to the next convenience store, knowing that my next question will be waiting for me.
Question- 13.Two quarters have the same value as ten nickles. What is the value of five quarters in nickles?

The value of 5 quarters in nickles is 25 nickles.

I got the question right and I was left with 1 question left I went to the last convenience store in my neighbourhood. The last question was waiting for me.
Question- 17. Fresh pickerel is advertised in a local market.
a.) How much will 6kg of pickerel cost?
b.) Use a proportion to find the cost of 1600g of pickerel.

The cost of 6kg of pickerel is $52.80.

The cost of 16kg of pickerel is $14.08.

I was done all my questions! I went out of the convenience store seeing an alien waiting for me. He told me I did a great job and said that they will leave the planet without harming it. I headed home seeing the UFO leaving. I woke up and realized it was all a dream. ;)

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×Jusŧıŋ£8-17× said...

goood job , you did a good job with the colours .


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