Friday, November 13, 2009

How I saved you and your butt with Proportion.

Yesterday in the middle of the night, I saw a green light shining through my window in my eyes. I woke up to see that it was an alien UFO crashed on my back yard. I couldn't believe my eyes !! I also saw an alien who looked like my math teacher, Mr.Harbeck come out of the UFO. Next I went to go talk to the Harbeck alien and he told me that he was going to destroy the world if I couldn't prove that I didn't know how to use proportion. This is how I saved you and your butt using Proportion:

The Harbeck alien asked me if 30 cm of snow fell last night in 6 hours, how long would've it taken if it snowed 45 cm.

I told him that it would've taken 9 hours to snow 45 cm because 30x1.5=45 and 6x1.5=9. I also did this -- 30 cm/6 hrs x1.5=45cm/9 hrs.

"Grr. You're smart. " the Harbeck alien said.

He still wasn't convinced so he asked me if a child drinks 2.5 mL of medicine for each 3 kg mass of a child, what is the dose, in millilitres for a child with a mass of 16.5 kg ?

I told him that the child would drink 12.5 mL of medicine because 3 kg x 5.5=16.5 and 2.5 mL x 5.5 = 12.5.

I could tell that the Harbeck alien was really surprised. I think it's because he thought that I wasn't in grade 8 because of my height

"If you answer this next question, I will leave this planet! My space-brain can't handle this much math !!" said the Harbeck alien. "Delia was paid $35 for 5 hours of babysitting. How much would she get for 3 hours of babysitting ?"

I told him that Delia should get $21 for 3 hours because $35/5h /3= $7/1h and $7/1h x3=$21/3h.

"ARG !! This planet is too smart !! These humans probably know how to stop me !!" said the Harbeck alien while fleeing.

...And thats how I saved you and your butt with Proportion.

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more colours needed .
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