Friday, November 13, 2009

How I Stopped an Alien Invasion using Proportion

An Alien landed on our planet and said he was going to take over the earth. The only way he would stop is if you answered 3 proportion questions. If you answered any of them wrong he would take over earth.

8) Determine the missing value.
A) 2 = _ B) _ = 14
3 15 5 35

C) 30 = 6 D) 3 = 12
45 _ _ 36

A) 10
B) 2
C) 9
D) 9

I got that one right so I only had to answer 2 more questions correctly to save the earth from being taken over.
The next question I had to answer was...

12) Set up a proportion for each situation using a variable. Do not find the answer

A) Walter makes his own oil and vinegar dressing. His recipe calls for 175 ml of olive oil and 50 ml of vinegar. What amount of vinegar does he need to mix with 300ml of olive oil?

175ml olive oil = 300ml olive oil
50ml vinegar x

B) A baseball player has a home run to strikeouts ratio of 3:17. How many homeruns should he hit if he strikes out 187 times.

3 home run = x
17 strikeouts 187 strikeouts

I just finished the second question correctly and he said if I answer one more question correctly he would leave earth immediately.

13) Two quarters have the same value as 10 nickels. What is the value of five quarters in nickels?

2 quarters = 5 quarters x5
x5 10 nickels 25 nickels

Finally, I answered all the questions correct. They quickly left the earth and that was the end of them.


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×Jusŧıŋ£8-17× said...

goood job , you did a good job with the colours .
and the picture .


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