Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Elvin's %%%%%'s Rate Growing Post

We had to Define ratio and Define Rate:

Ratio - It defines two quantities that are the same. Example 6:7

Rate - It defines two quantities that are related. Example Heart beats/seconds

Here's my 2 question.
4.) Determine the unit rate in each situation.
a.) An Orca swims 110 km in 2 h.
- 55 km/h
b.) A Canada goose flies 800 km in 12.5 hr.
- 64 km/h
c.) Cathy plants 45 daffodils in 30 min.
- 1.5 min for every daffodils.

10.) Trevor rode his mountain bike 84 km in 3 h. Jillian rode 70 km in 2.5 h. Who is the faster cyclist? How did you know?
- Trevor rode this bike 28 km/h.
- Jullian rode his bike 28 km/h.
- So they had the same speed.

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goood job , you did a good job with the colours .


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