Friday, November 13, 2009

How I Stopped An Alien Using a Proportion

One day i had a walk in the park and an UFO landed and almost hit me, the aliens came out and started talking like.. "meaow taw yasd ghamklw ifaowkf, answer 3 proportion problem or we will take over the earth and kill you all" and i was like " mhm .. yeah sure you will >.> " and one of the alien took out his gun and i said " whoah , okay yeah sure ill do those 3 proportions" the aliens said " you only have 5 minutes to do all of these 3 proportions " "if you did not finish them in 5 minutes , we will fail our test" "if you did not finish them in 5 minutes , we aliens will spead a virus that cannot be cured and the virus can affect other people , when people smells the virus or touch it , they will get affected , the people that has affectd only has 82 hours to live , the virus will start on you" "start doing those 3 proportions" "Let the GAME BEGIN".. and so i started doing the 3 proportions.

We need to solve 3 proportion questions from our MathLinks8 text book page 67, 68, 69 to stop the Aliens from taking over the earth.

Page67 question#3

a) Write a proportion based on the following scenario:
Three balls cost $1.25. what is the cost of 12 balls ??
now were gonna have to multiply 3 to 4 to get 12 balls, same to $1.25 too.
3 x 4 = 12
$1.25 x 4 = $5.00
the cost of 12 balls is $5.00

1 minute passed.
"That was pretty easy"

a) Two pens cost 94cents , define the unit rate.
the unit rate is to find how much it cost for 1 pen or other things .
2 devided by 2 is 1 . 94 cents devided by 2 is 47 cents .
The unit rate is 47 cents .

3 minutes passed.
Aliens--"you have no time , hurry!!"

Two quarters have the same value as ten nickels. what is the value of 5 quarters ??
2 x 2 = 4 .. 2 devided by 2 is 1 == ten x 2 is 20 .. 10 devided by 2 is 5
add them all up . 5 quarters .. add them all up . 25 ..
the value of 5 quarters is 25 nickels

4 minutes and 51 seconds passed.
i am now done answering the 3 proportions and the UFO said "You have accomplished your mission , you have saved the earth, we will now have to get back to our world and do the test" and i said " yeah whatever".


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goood job , you did a good job with the colours .


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