Friday, October 9, 2009

Scribepost for October 9,09

Today we had to pick 2 questions.

What is the value of each type of coin?

Well the penny is worth 1 cent, the nickel is worth 5 cents, the dime is worth 10 cents and the quarters is worth 25 cent

How much money was in the jar?

Well Mr. Harbeck told us it was $100.

Today we had to do the combination thing.
So this is what i did. I put 60 rolls of 1 cents
10 rolls of 5 cents, 2 rolls of 10 cents, and 1 roll for 25 cent, 1 $ and $2.

How full is the jar if it would be Usa dollar?
Well it might be the same thing.


Anonymous said...

Nice Job! I just wanted to know your other question and answer is unreadable but again Good Job!

Mr. H said...

Think a bit. How many coins are in the jar. Then what is the value of each of the coins. It is a bit more difficult than what you have left behind.. Thanks for blogging but you need to do a bit more work.


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