Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Scribepost 6,September 24,2009,Larrisa's Scribepost

blue : questions
black : answers

What information does each graph provide?

Each graph provides the height of the plant for four weeks. The
line graph shows you the height of when each plant grows. The picto-graph
shows the height each plant using pictures. ( one leaf represents 20)

Between which two weeks did the plant grow at the same rate ?

The plant grew at the same rate as week 2 and 3 .

Between which two weeks did the plant change in the most in height ? Which graph

shows more clearly ?

Week 3 and 4 the plant changed the most in height. Both graph shows the growth clearly.

Describe one advantage and one disadvantage of using each graph.

The advantage of a line graph is that it shows the data more clearly and the disadvantage is that you can't find the exact amount of what they are representing.

The advantage of a Pictograph is that it shows what they are representing more clearly and the disadvantage is that it can't show the exact amount.

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