Sunday, October 18, 2009

Ratio Scribepost for October 18

9. Use the data about wins and losses on school teams to answer the questions.

a) Which sports have equivalent win-loss ratios ? Show how you know.

I know that Hockey and Baseball have the same win-loss ratio because Hockey's win-loss ratio divided by 3 is 3/2 and Baseball's win-loss ratio divided by 4 is 3/2.

b) What is the ratio of wins to total games played for Hockey ? Give your answer as a fraction, decimal, and a percent.

The ratio of wins to total games play for hockey is 9/15, 0.6, 60%

11.What tiles could be represented by each of the following ratios ?
a) 1 to 5
Blue to white tiles

Blue to red to white tiles

White to red tiles

White to red tiles

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