Sunday, October 25, 2009

keannas BOB , and ratio homework

our homework was too make a scribe post for what we did in class.

Blue to Green - 1:6
Red to Yellow - 6:4
Green to Yellow - 6:4
Part to Total Ratios -
Green to Total - 6:18
Red, Green to Total - 12:18
Red to Total - 6:18
Three Part Ratios -
Green to Red to Yellow - 6:6:4
Red to Blue to Green - 6:1:6

Three questions
My Three Questions ..1. What would be the ratio of Red, green,yellow, blue to toal?

2. How would you write red to green in decimal or fraction?

3.Whats would be the answer to red,green; to total ?

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×Jusŧıŋ£8-17× said...

goood job , colours .. needed


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