Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Binesi's BOB & Ratio

Part to Part Ratios
Green to Blue=6:1
Yellow to Green=4:6
Red to Blue=6:1

Part to Total Ratios
Green to Total=6:17
Blue to Total=1:17

Three Part Ratios
Green to Blue to Yellow=6:1:4
Blue to Red to Green=1:6:6

Write an fraction for 8:3, then create 3 equivalent fractions for it.

Write a decimal for 6:17, then convert this to a percent.

Write simplified versions for 10:30, 49:70. Then turn them both into decimals, then into percents.

BOB Part 2
Here is the answer to one of the many question I got wrong:
17.Use the data in the table below to determine which sports teams have equivalent scored by to scored against ratios.
Baseball Team A- Scored by:10 Scored against:8
Basketball Team A- Scored by:115 Scored against:92
Hockey Team A- Scored by:6 Scored against:4
You need to turn the scores into ratios, then into decimals. I didn't turn them into decimals, which is why I got 0 as my mark for that question.
When you turn them all into decimals you get baseball-1.25, basketball team-1.25, and hockey-1.5.
So the equivalent scores are baseball and basketball.
I will remember how to do this type of question for a future test because, I will know that 2 answers will be equal.

Two Questions that gave me difficulty are. . .
8. A picture frame has a width to length ratio of 10:14. If the width of the photo is 18cm, then the length of the photo is. .
a. 39.1cm b. 29.7cm c. 25.2cm d. 19cm
The width of the frame is 18cm while the length is unknown.To get this we must see what we multiplied by to get from 10 to 14.
When we multiply 1.4 by 10 we get 14, so if we multiply 18 by 1.4, what do we get?

6. A stable has 50 horses available for trail rides. Of these horses, 25 are all brown, 20 are mainly white, and the rest are black. Express in lowest terms the ratio of brown horses to mainly white horses to black horses.
a. 25:20:5 b. 5:4:1 c. 10:8:10 d. 50:25:20
What was your answer and why?

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