Sunday, October 25, 2009

Argies BOB for October 20

Part to Part Ratios

Green to Blue = 7:1

Red to Green = 6:7

Red to Yellow = 6:4


Part to Total Ratios

Red to Total = 6:18

Blue to Total = 1:18


Three Part Ratios

Red to Blue to Yellow = 6:1:4
Red to Blue to Green = 6:1:7

The ratio im doing is: 1:6

Word: Blue to Red

Fraction: 1/6
Decimal: 1.6

Percent: 16.6%

My questions are:

1) What would be the ratio for Green to Total?
2) Express 6:7 as a fraction, decimal and percent.
3) Represent Red to Yellow simplest terms and a fraction, decimal, and percent.


What were the mistakes you made on your test. Show examples of answers that were wrong. What was your mistake. How will you remember what to do in future tests.

Some mistakes I made was not showing how I got my work, not showing ratios in lowest terms, and not reading the questions right.

The next time I do a math test I am going to read the question more carfeully, remember to make lowest terms and study harder.

Rewrite 2 questions that gave you difficulty with different numbers.

1) A picture frame with a width to length ratio of 4:6. If the width of the photo is 8 cm, the length of the photo is

2)A rapid transit has 17 passengers on it as it starts to run. At the first stop 3 passengers get off and 37 passengers get on. What is the ratio of the number of passengers who were on the train as it arrived in the station to the number who were on the train when it left the station? Express your answer in the lowest tesms.

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×Jusŧıŋ£8-17× said...

goood job , you did a good job with the colours . but then you should have put colours on the gray texts .


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