Thursday, October 15, 2009

Noelle's Scribepost for October 15, 2009.

Hello everybody!

Today during our lesson, we learnt more about ratios, and different kinds. We learnt about two-term ratios, three-term ratios, part-to-part ratios, part-to-whole ratios, and even many different ways of showing each ratio. Some examples are in word ratios, number ratios, in fractions, decimals, and even percents.

This scribepost is particularly for this one specific question:

Example 2: Apply Ratios
Tamara has a recipe for fruit punch that calls for three cans of frozen
orange juice concentrate, two cans of raspberry juice concentrate, and
one can of lime juice concentrate. For each can of juice concentrate, the
directions say to add three cans of water. All the cans are the same size.
Tamara makes one recipe of fruit punch.
NOTE: Each can of juice concentrate needs to be mixed with three seperate cans of water.
a) Copy and complete the following chart.





TOTAL CONCENTRATE----6--------------TOTAL CANS OF WATER--------------18

GRAND TOTAL OF CANS:24 cans of concentrate and water.

b) What is the ratio of orange juice to lime juice concentrate?
Express the ratio two different ways.

First ratio has to be in a word ratio. The word ratio can easily be located in the question, in this question it's clearly orange juice to lime juice.
Secondly, the next ratio can be the easiest, a simple part-to-part number ratio.

c) What is the ratio of lime to orange to raspberry juice concentrate?
Again, you have to find the word ratio which in this question is, lime to orange to rasberry. Now the three-term ratio according to the graph is 3:9:6.

d) What is the ratio of water to juice concentrate?
The word ratio here is water to juice. Then the number ratio would be 18:6 or can simplified as small as 3:1.

e) How many cans of punch does the recipe make?
The recipe makes a grand total of 24 cans in the end.

f) What is the ratio of orange, raspberry, and lime juice concentrate to
total punch? Express the ratio as a fraction, a decimal, and a percent.

Word ratio in this question is orange, raspberry, and lime juice concentrate to
total juice. The first ratio we find is a part-to-part ratio, nice and simple. It's 6:24, this ratio can be simplified to as small as 1:4. As a fraction we know that it would be one over four, or 1/4. As a decimal it's simply 0.25. As a percent is 25%.

That's all for now , thanks for reading my scribe, I hope you all learned something a different way, please please please COMMENT.

big ups to april for helping me with this post.


april817 said...

haha, no problem. :)

april817 said...

Great job on your post by the way! I spotted one spelling mistake. And it was the word "learnt".

Elaine817 said...

Good job on your post! You explained everything really well and it was neat and organized. But, to make it better for your next scribpost, you should add pictures and colour. Other than that great job!

MaryJane817 said...

Great job Noelle! It was well organized and your explanations were clear. I found one spelling mistake which was "learnt" and maybe next time you could add some colors and pictures, besides that it was a well done scribepost.


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