Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My BOB & Ratio

Today in our class we are suppose to pick a picture to put in our blog so
I picked the handy candy.

Part-to-Part Ratios:

Green:Red Blue:Yellow Blue:Red
6:6 1:4 1:6


Blue to Total: 1:17

Green to Total: 6:17

Red to Total: 6:17

Yellow to Total: 4:17

Part-to-part-to-Part Ratio:




The ratio that I'm going to do is 1:4



My questions are:

1) What is the Ratio of Red to Black to Green to Total?
2) What is the Ratio of Green to Purple to Yellow to Total?
3) What is the Ratio of Red to Silver to Green to Total?

Sorry about the picture because whenever i added the URL link to the Add Image and Clicked done, It never showed up.

Part 2
What were the mistakes you made on your first test. Show examples of answers that were wrong. What was your mistake. How will you remember what to do in future tests.
On the first question, I didn't get what the question means So i kinda messed up, and on question 16 I got no clue on finding how much votes did carol get so i also messed that one up to. But in the future tests i gotta sharpen up and study for the upcoming tests.

What I Also need work on is to get to know my ratio tables and my division and also my multiplication math to.

These are my questions that are hard to figure out
1) In group of 84 students surveyed, the ratio of student preference is seven oatmeal eaters to four granola eaters to three toasted O eaters

Of the 84 students, How much prefer Oatmeal?
Of 84 students, how much prefer granola?
What percent(to one decimal place) of the group prefers toasted O's?

2) In this question I Didn't get what lowest term means so well I'll just say it.
write each ration in lowest terms

please answer them

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kenneth8-17 said...

Red to Black to Green to Total

Green to Purple to Yellow to Total

Red to Silver to Green to Total


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