Monday, October 26, 2009

Layton's BOB & ratio for October 26

part to part ratios:

Blue:red 1:6

yellow:blue 4:1

Green:red 7:6

Part to total ratios:

Green to total 7: 18

yellow to total 4: 18

Part to Part to Part ratios:

yellow to green to blue 4 : 7 : 1

yellow to green to red 4 : 7 : 6

3 Questions

What would the ratio be for red to green Simplest terms?

how would you wright red to green in fraction or decimal?

What would be the ratio of ble to yellow to green?

1 comment:

×Jusŧıŋ£8-17× said...

goood job , you did a good job with the colours .


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