Sunday, October 18, 2009

Scribepost for October 18, 2009 Questions 12-13

Questions 12-13

12. In a class of 32 students, there are 24 girls.

a) What is the boys to total ratio? Express the ratio as a fraction and a percent.

The boys to total ratio is:

boys/total = 8/32 = 25%

b) What is the girls to boys ratio? Use ratio notation to express the ratio.

The girls to boys ratio is 24:8.

13. A soccer team played 28 games and won 4 out of every 7 games. There were no tied games.

a) How many games did they lose?

The soccer team lost 12 games.

b) What was the team's win--loss ratio? Explain how you got your answer.

The win-loss ratio is 16:12. What I did was I knew that the total games was 28 and that they had 4 out of 7 wins. There are 4 rounds of 7 games so I multiplied 4 wins by 4 rounds to get 16 wins, then I took away 16 from 28 (total games) to get 12 which is the amount of losses.

c) If the trend continues, how many losses would you expect the team to have once they have won 20 games?

Once they have won 20 games they will have 15 losses. I got that because I multiplied 4 wins out of 5 rounds to get 20 games, then I took 7 games and multiplied that by 5 rounds to get 35 which is the total. After that, I took away 20 from 35 (total) to get 15 losses.

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