Friday, October 30, 2009

Jex %%%%%'s Rate Growing Post

Part 1

Today we had to pick a question from page 60 and page 61. We also have to define what rate and ratio is.

Rate is a comparison of 2 things that are related. Ex. Hearts beats/ secs.


Ratio is comparing the same quantities.
Ex. 4:3m , 8:3


4. Determine the unit rate in each situation.
a) An Orca swims 110 km in 2 h. km / h 110/2 55/1 The answer is 55km/1h. What you do is first you have to divide the 2 to make 1. Then you do the same thing to the other side 110/2=55.

b) A Canada goose flies 800 km in 12.5 h. Km/h 800/12.5 64/1 The answer is 64/per 1 hour. All you do is divide 12.5 to make one and you divide 800 by 12.5 to make 64.

c) Cathy plants 45 daffodils in 30 min. Daffodils/mins 45/30 1.5/1 The answer is 1.5 Daffodils per minute. You divide 30 by itself then you divide 45 by 30.

Question 13

12. The rate at which glaciers melt is increasing globally. The Saskatchewan Glacier near Banff has receded 1.5 km in the last 75 years. The Peyto Glacier shown below receded 1320 m from 1923 to 1993. Which glacier had the greater annual rate of melting?

Saskatchewan Glacier:
------ = 20m/year

Peyto Glacier: 1320m
------- = 18.86m/year
70 year
The Saskatchewan Glacier has the greater annual rate of melting.

Part 2

Today we had to figure out how much ingredients for 10 people and how many for 1 people.

Well all you do is multiply each recipe by 2.5 then you will get 10. If getting one divide 10 because whatever you got you have to divide by 10 to make 1.


gilbert817 said...

good job jex nice post

Brayden817 said...

jex you have to have the answers for all of them

Ralph817 said...

What is the recipe if you multiplied it by 2.5?

×Jusŧıŋ£8-17× said...

goood job , you did a good job with the colours .

indeed Brayden ,


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