Sunday, October 18, 2009

Ralphs Ratio Scribe Oct 18

On Friday we were each assigned some questions for math.
My two questions were:

7. Write each ratio in fraction form. Do not
write the answers in lowest terms.

a) You spend $4 out of $10.

If you spend $4/$10 then the fraction would be 4/10

b) A team won three games and lost six
games. What is the ratio of games won
to games played?

If the team won 6 games and lost 3 games then

the ratio would be:

win:lose = 6:3

c) A bag contains 12 red and 3 blue beads.
Compare blue beads to total beads.

If you compared the blue beads to the total,

the ratio would be,

blue:total = 3:15

d) A pond contains 27 guppies and 33
goldfish. What is the ratio of guppies
to total fish?

If you compared the guppies to the total fish the ratio would be:

guppy:total = 27:60

a) 1/2 is also equal to 4/8

b) 4/5 is also equal to 12/15

c) 2/7 is also equal to 6/21

d) 1/4 is also equal to 3/12

e) 21/49 is also equal to 3/7

f) 4/5 is also equal to 12/15

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